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Fitness Buddy

Fitness Buddy provides you with a library full of over 1700 exercises that are categorized by the muscle group you are looking to train. For instance, if you want to strengthen your deltoids, but don’t know which exercises are beneficial, you can click on the deltoids on the body map of muscles that looks to be straight out of an Anatomy textbook. There is also an exercise library available where you can choose your exercise alphabetically, or you can simply choose from the main list consisting of core, lower body, chest, shoulders, back, arms, cardio, stretches, or custom exercises. No matter which way you choose, Fitness Buddy provides dozens of exercises in which you can view step by step directions as well as pictures of each step.

If you’re looking to complete a full workout, Fitness Buddy lets you choose workout lists based on your level (beginner, intermediate), bodyweight only (if you don’t have weights available), resistance band training, goal specific training, or kettle bell training.

With Fitness Buddy acting as your personal trainer, you can learn new exercises to include in your workouts, or even work out straight from the app. Fitness Buddy will also track your workouts on its calendar so you can view past and future workouts. While there are other apps that provide exercise instruction as well, Fitness Buddy may be a good starting place as the exercises are pretty basic and easy to understand.







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