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Restaurant Nutrition by Unified Lifestyle


The Restaurant Nutrition app helps you figure out where to eat, and what to eat when you get there. Many fast food and chain restaurants are represented. After Restaurant Nutrition has located your restaurant and let you know how to get there, you can view nutrition information on the foods they serve, so that you can make a healthy choice. The app lets you keep a record of what you’ve eaten and counts your daily calories. There are however, some obvious limitations.

Limited Content

First, the 100 or so restaurants represented is actually a relatively low number when you think about all the variety there really is out there. Restaurant Nutrition may actually be limiting your selection by only letting you search foods at the most popular restaurants. The developers should add a lot more content so that you can feel confident that whenever you eat out, you can access information on the food you’re eating. Another likely complaint: You cannot customize your food choices. If a sandwich is listed as having mayonnaise, you can’t see what effect leaving the mayo out will have, even though that may be the healthiest option. Overall, Restaurant Nutrition will probably help more than it hurts, but several much-needed upgrades are in order for this to be a top-notch health and fitness app.



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