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Favorite App Friday: Sworkit

Sworkit eliminates any and all excuses that you have for not working out. All you have to do is choose the body part  you want to work out (or choose “anything goes” for total body) and how long you have to exercise. The app then builds a circuit training workout for you with 30 second intervals, including videos.

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You can no longer say there’s “not enough time” to fit in a good workout because this app fits perfectly into any schedule for no cost, which eliminates the “no money” excuse as well. No equipment? No problem. Throw that excuse away too, because to get an awesome workout with Sworkit, all you need is yourself because the app uses all body weight exercises.

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With over 1.5 million current users, people gravitate towards Sworkit because it’s simple, but effective. The custom workouts are reliable if you are coming back from an injury, or just starting to get in shape, but it is also a great addition to any workout regimen already in place!

Many users, including the developer himself, use Sworkit along with time spent in the gym or current cardio workouts. It’s also the perfect tool to take on vacation and use in your hotel room!

In addition to the circuit training, the Yoga and Basic Stretching function can be used as a warm up, or as a basic, low impact workout.

If you try Sworkit Circuit Trainer, and love it just like we did, for $0.99, you can download Sworkit Pro. The paid version gives voice commands during your workout, so you never have to look at your phone, and you can have multiple custom workouts instead of just one that changes. With Sworkit Pro, you hae the ability to set daily and weekly goals, which we love because its an easy way to see your progress.

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With both versions of Sworkit, you can sync your workout to MyFitnessPal to automatically log your calories burned! It also works well in conjunction with Cody App or Fitocracy.

As mentioned earlier, Sworkit can be beneficial to a wide range of people. One user even thanked the developers for helper her start working out again after having a baby. She felt that the app worked perfectly for new mothers who are trying to balance their newborns with being able to fit a 10 minute workout during naptime.

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In the future, Sworkit will have even more customization. Right now there are  30 seconds standard intervals, but in the future, you will be able to vary the time to make your workout harder or easier. There will also translations of the app to Spanish, French and Italian and you will be able to keep data on web and track your stats online.

This app has it all. It can give anyone an awesome workout because it takes away any excuse you may have.  No matter how little time or equipment you have, you can still get in shape. Best of all, Sworkit was created by a couple that’s here to help, literally. They personally answer every email regarding Sworkit, so contact [email protected] with any questions or comments you may have.

Do yourself a favor and download Sworkit for your iphone, or android. No Excuses!

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