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Featured App Friday: Localeikki

Localeikki is different than any other app we’ve featured on our site, and we recently spoke with the developers of this unique app to find out even more.

Have you ever been traveling and wanted to workout outdoors, but weren’t sure where exactly to go? Localeikki is building a database that will help users find places to be active, no matter where they are. All you have to do is sign up to add to the current database and help other people find routes around your area!


Localeikki, which stands for “play local,” will help you find public places to walk, run, bike, and hike close to your current location.

You simply input an address and your activity for the app to find you locations that have already been shared by other users. You’ll even be able to view the location and details such as if there is a bathroom, parking, etc.

As the developers of Localeikki described to us, the app is “kind of like Yelp for outdoor fitness.” It will help you find publically accessible places to work out while traveling because it eliminates the information barrier for people to be active in unfamiliar places and encourages users to be active.

localeikki 2

There is nothing else like Localeikki available on iTunes, and we look forward to what will come with more entries into the database!

We suggest using apps such as Nike+ or Strava along with Localeikki to track your workout once you get to your destination.

Localeikki is a travel/fitness tool that will help you stay active no matter where you are or how familiar you are with your surroundings.

Give it a try NOW because it’s FREE until January 12th (after which it will go back to $1.99) and we strongly encourage you to add your outdoor workout spots into the database in order to help future users find safe places to workout in your area!

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