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Featured App Friday: New in 90

The benefit of New in 90 is that it is a gradual approach to a healthy lifestyle. As the creators of this unique app told us in a recent interview, “Everyone knows that they should exercise and eat right, but many times the messages in the media consist of taking steps that are too much at one time.”

new in 90

With New in 90, you have one objective to accomplish each day for both fitness and nutrition, which forces you to develop healthy habits without getting overwhelmed.

New in 90

For example, on the first day using New in 90, the objective may be that every time you sit down, you sit up with a straight back and with your abs engaged, and your nutrition objective may be simply to drink water.

Both of these are achievable for anyone, and the objectives will slowly build upon each other, but nothing is too difficult.

It takes the full 90 days to get to a point where you are actively walking for 20 minutes. The aim of the app is to change your lifestyle and habits by reinforcing everything that you are doing on a daily basis.

The objectives involve aerobic and strength goals, depending on the day and they are all designed so that you can use only what is already around you, such as your own stairs.

As the developers of New in 90 told us, “People don’t see opportunities to be more active,” which is only one reason this app was created.

New in 90 is, “not about pushing any type of diet,” but they do have a nutrition expert on staff to help create daily objectives that anyone can follow. One day may involve eating no sugar, while the next objective may be to cut out pasta or  to snack on a handful of nuts. Each day builds habits and confidence so that at the end of 90 days, you have developed a healthy lifestyle and outlook.

new in 90

The experts behind New in 90 have been in health and fitness their whole lives and have created over a dozen celebrity workout videos. “The point behind the videos was to get people that don’t go to the gym, exercising, but we found that people would buy the videos and they would stay on the shelf because they didn’t promote a healthier lifestyle.”

Through their years of experience, they have seen how people approach trying to change their habits, which usually leads to failure because they try to do too much, too soon. People quickly disengage and give up all together. New in 90 is the solution.

For $8.29, New in 90 is available on itunes and googleplay, which is more money than some fitness apps, but much less than a gym membership and nutrition counseling session.

We definitely think this app is worth the try for those who are currently sedentary, and looking for real solutions to a healthier lifestyle.

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