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FitMama App by Happy Mums Solutions

screen568x568There are all types of fitness apps targeting all different types of people, FitMama targets mommies trying to get back their pre-baby bodies. FitMama is created by Happy Mums solutions. This app focuses working out your upper, middle, and lower areas. You can focus on your problem area or do all three!

The five or ten minute workouts bring you through a warmup and the exercises with repetition at a slow, medium, or fast pace. The app’s demonstrations are done by a cartoon woman and voice pushing you along the way. We think the cartoon is great! Being a new mom, you may not want to stare at a model as you try to get your body back. The app will track your progress and completion level of each workout.

There is not a lot of extra on this app which we love and think new “mums’ will love. The less complicated the better. screen568x568-2Happy Mums suggests that you subscribe for $3.99 to continue tracking your progress, we don’t think that is necessary, but an awesome option.


FitMama has an info section that allows you to follow a tutorial making the app very user
friendly. One of the great things that we found in the info section is a new upcoming app that Happy Mums is releasing. Playmama will allow moms to find games to do with their babies, ages 2-24 months. This app will give new mommies the ability to find game that will help increase the bond with their new baby.

Download the FitMama App for iOS HERE

Download the FitMama App for Android HERE

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