The Apple Watch

Apple-Watch-logo-main1Apple’s next adventure has made its way into consumer’s lives. The Apple Watch, not iWatch, will be ready for purchase come April, so, here is what we feel you need to know. The first thing we want to tell you in the price. Depending what material you choose for your Apple Watch they will run you from $349-$4,999. We wanted to tell you the price first so we don’t waste your time if this is WAY over your budget. If you have jumped on the Apple bandwagon like so many of us have proudly done, this would be the next gadget for your arsenal. We may have to wait till the price goes down, but well keep you posted.

The look of the watch can differ based on your preferences. There are two different face sizes and options for the band range from a traditional link bracelet, a plastic sports band, a leather loop, two buckle designs, and a sort of mesh design. Each strap option is available in different finishes and colors. You can also set the watch face to a design of your choice from the preloaded options.

If you are really interested in the Apple Watch we would suggest you pick up your iPhone and play around with that because it’s basically the same thing. The watch screen shows small icons of your apps on the main screen and there is a home button on the side of the watch. You can read emails, make phone calls, read articles, and interact with Siri… all the things you can do on your iPhone but smaller. It may be too early in the Smart Watch game for us to fully appreciate its capabilities, but for right now, we suggest you stay with your smart phones.


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