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Favorite App Friday: Moves

Most people only consider activities in the gym to be exercise, and completely forget about their everyday activities, such as walking. Moves automatically tracks your steps (so you don’t even have to turn it on) and gives you daily feedback of your walking, running, and cycling activities. I personally love it because it notifies you daily, so even when you forget to check your distance, you get an update on your steps AND it lets you know when you’ve set a new record!

We had the chance to speak with the one of the makers of Moves. He told us that the app was created because one of the founders was in the process of getting his Ph.D, and realized he wanted to get more physical activity into his day. From there, an all day tracker was born to help users undestand their overall activity of the day.

While GPS trackers can cost anywhere from $1.99-$100, Moves decided right before launching that they would provide this service for free to start, making it not only the easiest app to use (because you don’t have to do anything once its downloaded), but also free!

While some GPS trackers such as Nike+ and Runkeeper use GPS all the time, Moves uses your phone’s accelerometer as its primary data source with occasional GPS to prevent battery drainage.

So what’s next for Moves? They are just lunched Moves Connective Apps today, which allows you to use other programs and apps together so that you can have everything in one place on your phone. They are also working on the iPhone iOS 7 version, which is a little different, as well as the Android version.

Moves recommends that “if you are thinking about buying an expensive GPS tracker, try Moves first. It is a free way to see if you like tracking your activity, and it may not be the best option for everyone, but it is a great solution for most people.”


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