Smart Clothing

smart-clothing-technologyRight now everyone is making a big deal over smart watches. Smart watches certainly have their place in the universe of gadgets, but for the moment they are mainly being used by athletes and people who work out often. For the rest of us, smart watches can seem a bit redundant when we already own tablets and smartphones. However, smart clothes represent a very interesting and unique piece of technology. Smart clothing seems to point us towards the future, a future where everyone is sporting the newest and latest wearable technology. Back in 2014, the concept of technology and fashion merging together was almost unheard of, but now many brands are selling and developing their own version of smart clothing, and trends make it appear like the designs are doing nothing but growing at a rapid pace. The ideas for smart clothing still revolve around fitness, much like fitness bands and smart watches. For example, there are already shirts in the work that combine apps with fabric, allowing you to constantly know your heart rate, speed, breathing patterns, and location.

Smart shirts are great for athletes, because the sensors are both closer to the skin and closer to the heart and mouth, unlike a smartphone, a band on the wrist, or a watch. But these designs are not just for marathoners, they are for the average Joe as well. For example, if you like to bike to work there is a jacket available by Visijax which includes LED lights for visibility and turning indicators much like with a car. There are even fashions for smart backpacks, which include USB ports that can charge technology on the go. In a world where we are increasingly dependent on our gadgets, it is important that they are charged at all times. The bag also has a feature where it can sound an alarm if you forget it somewhere.

It might be easy to imagine putting features over fashion, but that is not necessarily the case. Wearable technology is making its face seen in the fashion world, as well. True, it might push us to look like the futuristic characters from Back to the Future or Zenon, Girl of the 21st Century, but hey, fashion is always changing. The world of fashion is trying its best to integrate brands with apps and technology that are wearable and that do not look ridiculous. Another possibility for smart clothes is for babies. There are companies currently working on smart clothes for babies, they would work like super high-tech baby monitors, informing the parents of the babies breathing, temperature, and sleeping patterns.

Smart clothing is the thing of future, but it is not so far off as that. Smart clothes will combine everything we love from functionality and good looks, to safety and fitness. Having these options are as close to reality as they have ever been. Even Ralph Lauren has started developing a line of smart clothing. When we start to see smart clothing in fashion runways we will know that it is not too farfetched to have those items in Kohls and Targets around the country in less than a few short years.



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