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Favorite App Friday: Jefit

With all of the fitness app options available, how does one particular app get over 5 million downloads, with over 1.5 million registered online? According to Ying Lin, the founder of Jefit, it simply stemmed from his hobby of working out and coming up with one app that could fulfill all of his needs. From there, more and more people caught on and became invested in the idea of being able to track their workouts.

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Jefit, which is available for both iPhone and Android devices, allows you to log all of your personal workout data in one place, which motivates millions of users to keep up with their fitness goals. You can choose your exercises by muscle group, put together routines by exercise, and even keep track of which day you complete each routine.

As opposed to some apps that are targeted towards introducing users to fitness, Jefit was created for people who already work out regularly and want to log their workouts as well as their improvements over time.

And it works. Their site is filled with success stories of users’ profiles, community discussions and testimonials. One user wrote on the site, “The JEFIT iPhone Application has helped me tremendously by tracking my routines, body statistics, lifting logs and allowed me to see more gains in my workouts, I recommend it to anybody looking to rid themselves of their paper and pen and wanting a five star exercise application” (for more testimonials, check out

Jefit told us that they attribute their success to focusing on the quality of the product, and that spread by word of mouth with the help of social media. Even now, they continue to make improvements. They have been working to improve data analysis to provide more detail on users’ workouts.

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Jefit is not just a database of workouts, although by downloading the app, you do gain access to over 1,300 exercises. You also have the ability to customize personal workout routines and have the advantage of an enormous online community to back you up.


We are huge fans of this app, and think that their success is well-deserved. To see what all the hype is about, download Jefit for free, and if you like it as much as we think you will, you can upgrade to Jefit PRO for only $4.99.



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