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One Fitness Daily

One Fitness Daily is very simple to use. Upon starting up the app you are greeted with a short welcome and you then choose your current fitness level (from beginner, intermediate and advanced), what body parts you can use (in case of any injury or disability) and what equipment you own.

one fitness daily

You also set what time you would like to receive your daily notification which you then have 24 hours from receiving it to complete it. From there you are taken to the home screen and you can start completing your daily activities.

You start off with a limited number of changes which allow you to change the daily activity should you not feel like completing the first one that comes up and you gain more as you increase your Motivation Level.

You can click on the activity name to get help, which features both, step by step photos and instructions detailing exactly what to do and how to do it. The photos have full playback control so you can let it play slowly on its own, go back to the start, pause to examine a photo more closely and skip as well.

From there you click the activity complete button and you are rewarded with a nice sound and phrase to applaud your accomplishments. You are then given experience points, which lead to increasing your Motivation Level with the ultimate goal to get to level 100 and beyond.

one fitness daily

Each motivation level has a slightly better rank name than before it and you also start earning better medallion icons as you level up. Users are rewarded for completing continuous days with bonus experience. The whole point of the system is to keep people engaged and wanting to do better both for themselves and their rank.

You are then taken to the activity log where all your achievements are stored. There are a number of sorting options to help you when the list gets larger and you can also admire your rank and stats from this page.

Any previously completed activity can be recompleted at any time and gives the user a small amount of experience. The log is another way to keep people engaged as they slowly try to complete their activity log by doing every activity at least once and they can track that progress in the stats page.

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There are over 500 activities included that range from the categories of Strength, Stretch, Cardio, Plyometric, Martial Arts, Yoga and Pilates. This ensures there’s something for everyone and also that people can experience new activities they might not even know existed.

The activity chosen depends on the users current fitness level and also filters out activities that require body parts they can’t use or uses equipment they don’t have.

The app is available for iPad and iPhones (iOS 6.0 or higher required) and all versions of Android 2.2 or higher which should cover all Android devices. It is free, but there is also a pro version for $2.99!

One Fitness Daily  was created because the developer noticed there were a lot of fitness apps available, but not too many aimed at beginners. It’s very daunting and overwhelming to download a giant fitness app with 100’s of options available to you from the get go, so One Fitness Daily is all about easing you into it with a ‘one a day’ attitude.

one fitness daily 4

All you need to use this app is a positive attitude. The majority of exercises do not require equipment but there are more exercises available if you do have the equipment, most of which can be picked up for cheap from your local sport store.

Five action steps to start using One Fitness Daily today:

Step 1:Open app

Step 2: Select your fitness level

Step 3: Deselect any body parts you aren’t capable of using and select any equipment you have.

Step 4: Choose when you would like to receive your daily notification.

Step 5: Complete your first activity and store it in the activity log by hitting the activity complete button.

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