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Top Android Fitness Apps

Our goal here at is to provide an overview of the newest, most innovative fitness apps for use on all your devices. Unfortunately, not all apps are available on all platforms, which is why we try our best to get you a good sample of reviews for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone apps.

Using the technology in your smartphone to unlock new ways to reach your fitness goals is becoming an increasingly attractive option, as more free apps are flooding the marketplace all the time. We are here to help you wade through that flood of apps. Here, we present our picks for some of the best Android fitness apps available.


Mapmyrun is easy to use and contains a variety of features that can be entertaining and informative for outdoor runners. The GPS tracks your run and gives you an extensive report when the run is completed. This report consists of distance (in miles and feet), pace, and duration.



Mapmyride is the same app as Mapmyrun, only for cycling. You can easily use this app to track your route with GPS as well as your speed, distance and calories burned. Mapmyride also takes your altitude into account, which is an important factor when cycling uphill and downhill.



Fooducate is one of the better diet trackers for your phone. It offers unique options regarding your personal diet when you first log in, such as “warn me about GMOs,” “avoid processed foods,” “eat vegetarian,” and “eat vegan.” These are factors most diet apps do not take into consideration, and could help determine nutrient needs.



Unlike most exercise tracking apps, Moves automatically calculates your steps and distance without having to press “start” or “begin”. I had downloaded Moves days before I looked at it, and when I opened it, I was able to see all the places I had been since I downloaded it, how many steps I took each day.

moves 2


Nike+ Running

Nike+ Running tracks your running activity using a GPS, which can be very useful for the outdoor runner. You can, however, choose the indoor option as well. Nike+ contains features focusing on motivation such as music and cheering, which can be helpful to users, and it even gives you the option to add friends for encouragement.


Myfitnesspal allows you to track your food intake and weight loss progress. You start by entering your current weight, goal weight, height, gender, date of birth and activity level and the app calculates your daily caloric needs in addition to keeping track of how much total fat, cholesterol, sodium, carbs, protein, etc, that you have left for the day.



Runkeeper is a highly user-friendly way to keep track of all of you running statistics. You can set goals and view your daily and lifetime progress. Goals can be weight loss, running distance, etc. and you can view a breakdown of your progress on the summary screen. Overall, Runkeeper is both easy to use and easy on the eyes.


Restaurant Nutrition by Unified Lifestyle

The Restaurant Nutrition app helps you figure out where to eat, and what to eat when you get there. Many fast food and chain restaurants are represented. After Restaurant Nutrition has located your restaurant and let you know how to get there, you can view nutrition information on the foods they serve, so that you can make a healthy choice. The app lets you keep a record of what you’ve eaten and counts your daily calories.

Restaurant Nutrition Screenshot

Lose it!

The Lose It! app delivers a wide range of features aimed at helping you reach your weight loss goals, using a mostly nutritionally-based approach. The developers have also included some goal-setting and measuring features geared more towards overall wellness, such as quality of sleep and circumference measurement tracking. You can also input exercise data to obtain calories-burned estimates.

lose it


With Fitbit, you can set weight and calorie burning goals, and track your progress daily. Just search your activity (the built-in activity database contains entries as obscure as Anishinaabe Jingle Dancing an as ordinary as a game of basketball), enter the activity duration, and Fitbit automatically adds an estimate of the calories you’ve burned to your daily log.


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