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Here are the most downloaded PAID health & fitness apps for Android devices.
App IconApp TitleRatingContains AdsInstallDownloadsPriceDescription Supporter5.0False,000+4.99Show your support for the development of FitNotes - Gym Workout LogTop Selling Paid Mate - Macro Calculator Pro5.0False version of the lightweight macro nutrient calculator for the ketogenic diet.Top Selling Paid,000+7.99About essential oils, 350+ items, descriptions, oils, application & experiences.Top Selling Paid log 531 Pro4.8False,000+5.99Power-lifting, weightlifting and Wendler 531 app to track your workout program.Top Selling Paid Apnea Trainer4.8False,000+3.49Apnea training (O2/CO2/Custom tables) application created by and for freedivers.Top Selling Paid Counter -EasyQuit pro4.8False,000+3.49sobriety counter, stop drinking alcohol app +Memory game to fight urges +badgesTop Selling Paid Fitness Pro4.8False,000+2.49Start your bodyweight fitness training today. Build strength & gain flexibility.Top Selling Paid Strength4.8False,000+3.99Track and analyze your lifting progress in the gym.Top Selling Paid Workout Log PRO Key4.8False,000+2.99Simple Workout Log PRO Key removes ads from the Simple Workout Log (free) app.Top Selling Paid Meditation: Calm your Head with White Noise4.8False,000+2.99Improve your sleep with the power of soundsTop Selling Paid Wonder Weeks4.7False,000+2.99Baby's leap guide based on the world wide bestseller The Wonder Weeks.Top Selling Paid Noise4.7False,000+0.99Relax. Sleep Better. Feel Better.Top Selling Paid Strength Official4.7False,000+8.99The most straightforward way to increase total body strength for beginners.Top Selling Paid Day Fitness Challenge Pro4.7False,000+2.99Take the 30 day challenge at home to improve fitness and health.Top Selling Paid Minute Workout Pro4.7False,000+2.99Scientifically proven to lose weight and improve cardiovascular functionTop Selling Paid with Andrew Johnson4.7False,000+2.99Relax deeply with this guided meditation application.Top Selling Paid EO Bar4.7False,000+7.99The largest essential oil education app, created by oil users for oil users.Top Selling Paid 6 Weeks PRO4.7False,000+2.99100 push-ups, 200 sit-ups, 20 pull-ups, 10 minute plank in only 6 weeksTop Selling Paid Tracker Deluxe4.7False,000+5.99Period Tracker, the easiest way to track your periods!Top Selling Paid Counter - EasyFit pro4.7False,000+5.49Calorie counter, fitness tracker & macro calculator. Fast, simple & beautiful.Top Selling Paid Pro Calendar4.7False,000+3.49Women's calendar. It's what every woman needs!Top Selling Paid Pro - Interval Timer4.7False,000+2.49Interval Workout Timer - for Crossfit, HIIT, Cycling, Running, MMA and BoxingTop Selling Paid to 5K®4.6True,000+2.99The OFFICIAL Couch to 5K® running training app! A 9 week walk-run workout plan.Top Selling Paid Food Value Diary - Diet & Weight Tracker4.6False,000+2.99Join other people in losing weight the affordable way!Top Selling Paid Studio4.6False,000+3.99Guided meditations for relaxation, stress relief, better sleep & a healthy mindTop Selling Paid Pro - Interval Timer4.6False,000+4.99Interval timer for High Intensity Interval Training, Tabata and Circuit TrainingTop Selling Paid Pro4.6False,000+5.49BikeComputer Pro is one of the best apps for cycling.Top Selling Paid Are Your Own Gym by Mark Lauren4.6False,000+4.99Finally, the bible of bodyweight exercises can be kept in the palm of your hand!Top Selling Paid Noise Pro4.6False,000+2.9950 HD sounds to help you relax during the day and sleep great at night!Top Selling Paid Drink Reminder Pro4.6False,000+1.99Did you drink enough water today? It‘s good for your skin,health and loss weightTop Selling Paid Push-Ups Workout PRO4.6False,000+1.99Improve your upper body & core strength with the ultimate exercise- push ups!Top Selling Paid Squats Workout PRO4.6False,000+1.99The perfect app to get your legs & glutes toned & in the best shape ever.Top Selling Paid Pro - Tabata Timer4.6False,000+2.99A Great Tabata timer for Tabata interval training commonly used in CrossfitTop Selling Paid® - 5K Running Trainer Pro4.5False,000+2.99The OFFICIAL C25K® (Couch to 5K) Running Program! Train for a 5k in just 8 weeksTop Selling Paid PRO Running, Fitness4.5False,000,000+4.99Your free personal trainer for running, jogging & other fitness activities!Top Selling Paid Monitor4.5False,000+14.99See what's really going on inside your head! Real time EEG graphs from your MuseTop Selling Paid Sleep with Andrew Johnson4.5False,000+2.99Get the best sleep of your life with this relaxing guided meditation applicationTop Selling Paid Workout MMA Spartan Pro - 50% DISCOUNT4.5False,000+3.49Get fit at home with MMA Spartan System Bodyweight workouts!Top Selling Paid Release based on EMDR4.5False,000+3.99Effortlessly and naturally release anxiety by harnessing the power of your brainTop Selling Paid Running Trainer Pro4.5False,000+3.9910K Trainer is the easiest program to get beginners from couch potatoes to 10K!Top Selling Paid Guide for Essential Oils4.4False,000+6.99Conveniently rediscover the natural healing powers of essential oils.Top Selling Paid - mindfulness meditation on the go4.4False,000+2.99Guided meditations for sleep, stress, travelling, work and moreTop Selling Paid Pro Unlock4.4False,000+3.49Protect your healthy sleepTop Selling Paid,000+9.99HRV4Training helps you optimize goals and improve performance. No sensors neededTop Selling Paid's Natural Remedies4.4False,000+2.99Natural Remedies with Aromatherapy.Top Selling Paid Stand-up Alert +Watchface complication bubble4.4False,000+1.95Your watch can help you live longer: app reminds to get up if no steps detectedTop Selling Paid Lifestyle Journal4.4False,000+0.99Shibboleth it's a secret.Top Selling Paid Being Guided Meditation4.4False,000+1.99Meditate easily, dissolve stress, relax deeply with this elegantly simple App.Top Selling Paid Sit-ups & Abs PRO4.4False,000+1.99Get your core strong & the defined abs of your dreams! Our plans ensure success.Top Selling Paid Minute Workout Challenge4.4False,000+3.49The "7 Minute Workout" is a research-backed workout program that gets results!Top Selling Paid Macros+ | Diet, Calories & Macro Tracker4.3False,000+2.99The complete diet tracking solution offering diet, weight and calorie trackingTop Selling Paid Pupil Distance Measure for Glasses & VR Headset4.3False,000+3.49Measure your Pupil Distance for eyeglasses or VR headsets in 3 quick steps.Top Selling Paid & Mi Band4.3False,000+3.49Fully customizable notifications for your Xiaomi Mi Band smart bracelet.Top Selling Paid Blood Type Diet®4.3False,000+3.99The Official Blood Type Diet® App version 1.5.2 is available now.Top Selling Paid Mood4.3False,000+2.99The world's #1 most popular rain experience. Rain makes everything better!Top Selling Paid Marathon Trainer 13.1 21K4.3False,000+4.99Based on a run/walk program, this is the best beginners Half Marathon Trainer!Top Selling Paid Khoury's Drink Water4.3False Water - Water RemainderTop Selling Paid Trainer - 26.2 42K4.3False,000+4.99Based on a run/walk program, this is the best beginners Marathon Trainer!Top Selling Paid Tract Diet4.3False,000+7.99The app helps you address digestive symptoms based on the Fast Tract Diet.Top Selling Paid Minute Athlete HIIT Workout4.3False,000+2.99Short, efficient HIIT workouts you can do at home, outside, or the gym.Top Selling Paid Food Diary & Symptom Tracker4.3False,000+4.49Food & symptom diary used by sufferers of irritable bowel (IBS / IBD), migrainesTop Selling Paid Waves Pro Binaural Beats4.3False,000+2.99Pure waves that will stimulate your concentration, meditation or relaxationTop Selling Paid Diet For Your Life4.3False Diet For LifeTop Selling Paid On Your Brain4.3False,000+1.99You are not a victim of your biology!Top Selling Paid Breathing: Pranayama4.3False,000+4.99Yogic breath training for meditation, health improvement and stress reductionTop Selling Paid The Moment - Mindful Eating4.3False,000+0.99Find support for in-the-moment eating challenges with this mindful approach.Top Selling Paid PRO Unlock4.3False,000+4.49Mind on steroids - relaxation, productivity, meditation and sleep!Top Selling Paid Distance Meter Pro | Accurate PD measure4.2False,000+2.39Measure pupillary distance (PD) ???? with camera quick and easy, try on framesTop Selling Paid (io) The Paleo Food List4.2False,000+0.99Paleo (io) is the best paleo diet food list app & reference tool on the internetTop Selling Paid Oils Reference Guide for doTERRA4.2False,000+6.99#1 doTERRA Essential Oils Guide on the Play Store! 1000's of uses for your Oils!Top Selling Paid 24.1False,000+1.99Benefit of teaching you more about the muscles that help your body moveTop Selling Paid X Pro - Period Tracker & Ovulation Calendar4.1False,000+3.49Easy calculator to track your menstrual cycle and fertility or plan a pregnancy.Top Selling Paid,000+3.49Sync your activities of the most popular sports tracking servicesTop Selling Paid — #1 WOD Log for XF4.1False,000+3.99myWOD is the #1 app for tracking and monitoring your XF workouts!Top Selling Paid Buddy : 1700 Exercises4.1False,000+2.99World's most comprehensive and intelligent personal trainer.Top Selling Paid Intolerances4.1False,000+4.99Histamine intolerance, Low FODMAP diet and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)Top Selling Paid Emotions Reference4.1False,000+9.99A reference guide that helps you identify and process your emotions.Top Selling Paid (ad free)4.0False,000+2.99cronometer is an app for tracking your nutrition and health data.Top Selling Paid Add-on for Sleep as Android (and Mindroid)4.0False,000+3.49Pack of 38 calming lullabies for smooth fall asleep and relaxationTop Selling Paid Living Essential Oils Reference Guide4.0False,000+6.99Our Young Living Oils Reference Guide is the #1 Trusted Resource for YL info!Top Selling Paid Juice Me! Challenge4.0False,000+6.99Best-selling author Jason Vale's most life-changing juice plan to date.Top Selling Paid & Macro Calculators + Keto Diet Fast Food App4.0False Diet App for Fast Food Restaurants : How to Order Keto and Low Carb mealsTop Selling Paid AFib Detector (Pro)4.0False,000+2.32AFib Detector is designed for Atrial Fibrillation and Heart Rate monitoring.Top Selling Paid Gluten Free Scanner · FULL3.9False,000+3.99Enjoy the Gluten Free living with the best app. SCAN the barcodes & SEARCH.Top Selling Paid & Amazfit3.9False,000+3.49Text notifications, button control, heart monitor & more for your Amazfit.Top Selling Paid Shusher3.8False,000+4.99The Baby Shusher App is a revolutionary new toolTop Selling Paid Elite3.7False,000+0.99X3 Elite - helps track your X3 90 minute workouts. Own it! Track it! Print it!Top Selling Paid Whole Days (Whole 30 Helper)3.6False,000+1.99Easily search for compliant & non-compliant packaged foods & ingredientsTop Selling Paid,000+0.99Find happiness by contemplating your mortality with the WeCroak app.Top Selling Paid Timer3.4False,000+1.99It’s time to streamline and simplify your workouts with the click of a button!Top Selling Paid Genius3.4False,000+4.99Worlds Most Trusted Sleep ProgramTop Selling Paid,000+1.99Find and track your one-rep max for any lift!Top Selling Paid <800> HazRx®3.3False of hazardous drugs with guidance on how to handle them safelyTop Selling Paid®3.2False,000+2.99CogSci Apps™Top Selling Paid,000+6.99Plan your Keto Diet, monitor your progress and much more!Top Selling Paid Fast Metabolism Diet3.1False,000+2.99All the planning tools needed to lose weight on the 28-day Fast Metabolism DietTop Selling Paid Hand3.0False,000+7.49Reduce pain, improve performance and assist with rehabilitation.Top Selling Paid Period Tracker2.8False,000+1.99First and ONLY period tracking app that tells you how to become symptom-free!Top Selling Paid Model - Women2.3False,000+1.99Track your weight change. See your future healthy self from the virtual model.Top Selling Paid of hikes from (hikes in the Pacific Northwest area)Top Selling Paid