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Drink Water Reminder – Top Fitness Apps Review

Are you drinking enough water each day? Stay healthy and hydrated with one of the most downloaded free apps, Drink Water Reminder.

If you hadn’t heard the news, drinking water has amazing health benefits. Not only does it keep your body happy, but proper hydration can improve your cognitive function, lose weight, and improve sleep. This week, we’re looking at a free app that has topped the charts for a few weeks in a row. Is it hype, or is this app truly useful?

Drink Water Reminder – Standard Features

Personalized Hydration Plan

After installing this app, you’ll be prompted to fill out some basic information, including your gender, weight, a wake-up time, and a bedtime. You’ll also be able to set your preferred units of hydration, such as fluid ounces, and a language preference.

The app will then create a hydration schedule for you, with a recommended fluid intake amount. That’s it. A painless setup!

Drink Water Reminder - Settings
Drink Water Reminder – Settings
Drink Water Reminder - Settings
Drink Water Reminder – Settings

Automated Hydration Alerts

By default, the app will alert you every hour to drink water towards meeting your daily goal. These settings can be adjusted, for example, you can change scheduled alert times, alert sound, and reminder mode. The settings tab also lets you adjust values from the initial setup, such as editing your weight as you lose the pounds. Very simple and effective controls.

Drink Water Reminder - Settings
Drink Water Reminder – Settings

Daily Water Intake Tracking

DWR’s home screen is designed with simplicity in mind. If there’s one thing this app does well, it reminds you to hydrate! And you can see just how well you’re doing in the current day right on the app’s dashboard.

Drink Water Reminder - Dashboard
Drink Water Reminder – Dashboard

Hydration Reports

Enjoy a simple, beautiful reporting page built to show you your hydration trends in an easy to read format. Switch over to the History tab and feast your eyes on a bar graph showing your hydration for the Month or Year. Here you’ll also receive awards for meeting your hydration goals.

Drink Water Reminder - History - Graph
Drink Water Reminder – History – Graph

Scroll a little further down and you’ll find some interesting water drinking metrics, including your weekly average, monthly average, average goal completion, and your drink frequency. They even included a cheery water droplet to keep you motivated with some kind words!

Drink Water Reminder - History - Report
Drink Water Reminder – History – Report

Drink Water Reminder – Premium Features

The only benefit to going premium on Drink Water Reminder is that all the ads will be removed. At first the ads can be a bit annoying, but the app does it’s job so well, that you can’t help but support the developers in any way possible.The ads are incorporated into the reminder alerts, so they aren’t intrusive. For only $1.99 though, you can make them go away. Not too shabby.

Drink Water Reminder – Top Fitness Apps Review Result

We were surprisingly blown away by this app. So simple, so pretty, and so to the point. The developers of this app should be proud! It’s no wonder this app is one of the most downloaded and best selling apps for Android devices.

While developing a hydration habit is healthy, it can be hard to stay consistent. Drink Water Reminder will alert you to drink and hit your goals all day long. We can’t help but love it because it just works. No frills, no strings, it’s free and it WORKS!

Our recommendations

If you don’t already have a reusable water bottle, it’s time to get your hands on one. These stainless steel water bottles are everyone’s favorite at the office – they keep your water crisp and cold – FOR HOURS! Keep plastic out of the oceans, and get a durable, long lasting stainless steel insulated bottle. Then simply, stay hydrated, healthy, and happy.

At last, we’re thrilled to present Drink Water Reminder with the highest Top Fitness Apps award of 5 HEARTS. A wonderful app, with wonderful health benefits.

5 Heart Rating
5 Heart Rating
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In closing, Drink Water Reminder is a seriously great Android app. It does everything it promises, and keeps it simple. There’s not one thing we’re salty about here. If you want to stay hydrated, and need to get in the habit of drinking water regularly, this app is most definitely for you. You’ll love it!

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