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Best Weight Loss Apps

The primary goal of is to guide you through your decision to incorporate this new and often overwhelming category of tools into your fitness repertoire. Now that we’ve reviewed a couple dozen fitness apps, we’d like to go over a few of our favorites. The following is a rundown of our three favorite weight-loss apps:


MapMyRun is the original run-tracking app, and it’s still our favorite. When you’re finished with your workout, you’ll get a report of distance, average speed, and approximate number of calories burned. Compared to Endomondo Sports Tracker, another of our favorites, MapMyRun does a better job of presenting information in an accessible way, making it a bit more user-friendly.



Endomondo Sports Tracker

Endomondo Sports Tracker is one of our favorite running apps. In exchange for slightly less accuracy than you get from the built in accelerometer, Endomondo uses map-based tracking, so that you can see where you’ve run, not just how far. It’s similar to Map My Fitness in most ways, but Endomondo has a more streamlined and user-friendly social feature, so if sharing your progress with friends is important, this may be the running partner you’ve been looking for.




MyFitnessPal is not a running app, like our other two favorites. It tracks your nutritional intake, water consumption, and sets goals for you based on weight and activity level. You can also input daily exercise and MyFitnessPal will adjust your calorie goals according to how an estimate of how many you’ve burned. MyFitnessPal gives you feedback designed to keep you informed and guides you to better nutrition decisions, all through a simple and easy to use interface.




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