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Mapmyrun is easy to use and contains a variety of features that can be entertaining and informative for outdoor runners. The GPS tracks your run and gives you an extensive report when the run is completed. This report consists of distance (in miles and feet), pace, and duration. Mapmyrun can also sense elevation, so when you are running uphill or downhill, it can adjust calories burned. Another cool feature available on mapmyrun is the option to alert you when you reach a specific distance, which eliminates having to stop and check your phone mid run and, unlike other running apps, it doesn’t drain your phone’s battery.

In addition to tracking your running workouts, you also have the option of tracking your daily nutrition based on some basic information and the workouts you complete. Although some of the nutritional values may not be completely accurate (such as a meal cooked at home), it does give you a better sense of how much you’re eating versus how much you’re running. It’s also easy tracking both exercise and nutrition in the same app, but the downside is that if you decide to workout in any form other than running, you won’t be able to track it on mapmyrun. 





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