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Zombies, Run! – The Apocalypse Is Coming….

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For the exercise enthusiast who may need or want a little more encouragement or excitement in their fitness routine, the Zombies, Run! app may have just what you need.  Part action and adventure story, part fitness app and part science fiction movie, Zombies, Run! is an exercise program like nothing you’ve ever experienced.

zombies, run

This app takes all of the excitement of a zombie game and combined it with an exercise program.  The result is an intense, heart-pounding, calorie burning workout that will have you in top shape in no time.

zombies, run

Available for download for $3.99, the Zombies, Run! app is for users aged 17 and older due to adult content such as drug and alcohol use, mild sexual content, intense horror and realistic violence.

While this may sound like the rating warning for a blockbuster movie, this fitness app will have you sweating and running as though your life depends on it.

With up to 120 missions available for purchase, your workout routine will never get old.  Additional episodes range in price from $2 – $18.


You star as the hero in an epic drama where you must run to survive the zombie attack, and humanity is counting on you.  You’ll need to race against the clock (and the zombies) to collect supplies, avoid the growing zombie horde and solve the mystery of the apocalypse.

Designed to work with all skill levels, you can walk, run or jog through the courses, gathering supplies to survive as you go.  The zombie training will have you increasing your speed and intensity – no matter where you start.


When you turn on the Zombie Chase mode, you’ll find that suddenly you have a stronger motivation to perform interval training – who knew it could be this fun?

Once you’ve made it back to base, you’ll have to decide how to parcel out the supplies you gathered.  As you build your base, you gain access to other missions and can start to plan for your next adventure/run.

Detailed reports show you speed and distance while sharing options let you tell everyone about your zombie avoidance success through Facebook and Twitter.


The app is easy to use, and the newest versions seem to have corrected some of the bugs and crashes that were happening.  Due to the accelerated mode of the app, battery life may be significantly decreased.

This app is strictly a running app.  It doesn’t have fancy tracking or analytics, it won’t tell you how many calories you’ve burned, and it isn’t going to give you menu suggestions.

It’s going to give you motivation to run, and a reason to lace up your tennis shoes.  And really, isn’t that all you need?

Unlike other running apps, Zombies, Run! can be interfaced with your own playlist, and narrates the storyline to you over the course of a 30 minute workout.

Perfectly timed to give you a full workout, you can get in a run, save humanity from certain destruction and still be home in time for dinner.  Now that’s a fitness app!

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