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The TAO Chair – Workout While Sitting

TAO Chair

People spend more than 4,000 hours every year sitting on a chair. Jobs are increasingly becoming sedentary and people are sitting at their workplace and at home. That’s why it is crucial to find a chair that can provide ultimate comfort along with a beautiful design. But, what if there is a chair that can provide a few extra features too? That’s exactly what the TAO Chair brings. This product of TAO Wellness was introduced on the latest CES.

How does this chair work?

While it’s true that the design of this chair is not something spectacular when compared to other trendy chairs, it is what’s inside this chair and how it is designed that makes this product special. The designers of TAO Chair were focused on creating a special chair that can assist people who spend a good portion of their time sitting down. The TAO Chair set out to solve the problem of long sedentary periods.

The TAO Chair has an armrest that can be pulled or pushed. Users simply need to sit as if it were any other chair and grab the armrests to start exercising. It is constructed for performing isometric holds and what is great about it is the fact that the effects can be felt almost instantly. Users can notice the strengthening of their abs, triceps and biceps. The TAO Chair is not designed for performing repetitions, but slow exercises can sometimes be more effective.

Those who want to improve their abs can use this chair to lift their legs from the ground while holding the armrests.

What makes the TAO Chair different?

To start, the main difference is the specific design and just like all other TAO products, the TAO Chair comes with Variobics system.

This smart chair also comes with an arm display where users can get detailed information about the time they’ve spent on the chair and the calories they’ve burned. It is placed on the right armrest of the chair and easily allows users to check their current or total workout effects.

The people at TAO Wellness have also introduced a special app developed for this product. This is one of those apps for fitness that can be quite handy for people who lack time for exercise. This is the place where you can find ideas for exercises and exercises for different parts of the body.

Pros of this product

  • It looks beautiful and it can be placed in almost any room regardless of its interior
  • It provides an easy way to stay fit and healthy
  • It comes with several unique features

The TAO Chair is an important product that was created as a response to our increasingly sedentary lives. If you are in danger of falling behind physically because of long hours in the chair be sure to check out the TAO Chair and let us know what you think.

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