10 Fitness Apps to Control Your Weight and Eat Healthy
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10 Fitness Apps to Control Your Weight and Eat Healthy

Eating healthy and staying on track can be a real challenge. It doesn’t matter how disciplined you are and how hard you work, we all have our moments of weakness. When those moments get here it is a good idea to have great tools at your disposal. Having apps that perform specific tasks (or all tasks) can keep us motivated, informed, and on track. This list of apps can perform a variety of tasks. From tracking your nutrition to learning about new recipes, this list of apps will help you control your weight and eat healthy.

Dinner Spinner By All Recipes, Inc.

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner is like social media but for recipes. Allrecipes Dinner Spinner gets you access to a great collection of member shared: recipes, photos, ratings, and even reviews.

Dinner Spinner Preview

The Allrecipes Dinner Spinner community is over 30 million large available on both the Google Play and iTunes.

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Restaurant Nutrition By Foundation HealthCare Network

With Restaurant Nutrition you can find healthy nearby food locations and look at nutritious menu information on what other users have eaten. Restaurant Nutrition gives you access to a journal feature that lets you track your items and calories, among other things. The app features a map that shows all nearby restaurant locations.

restaurant nutrition new icon

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 CARROT Hunger – Talking Calorie Counter By Grailr LLC

Everyone’s favorite fat-shaming, trash talking, smart mouth robot is back for us chubby humans. CARROT Hunger is one of our favorite apps that rewards you for a good day of healthy eating, while shaming you for overindulging. We’ve brought up CARROT Hunger before and we thought it would be a great addition to this list.

CARROT Hunger - Talking Calorie Counter

Unfortunately for Android users it looks like this one is only available for iOS devices.

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Fooducate – Healthy Weight Loss, Food Scanner & Diet Tracker – Count Calories & their Quality to Lose Weight & Keep it Off By Fooducate, Ltd.

Fooducate is many things, a way of tracking your calories, a healthy way of scanning foods in order to determine their dietary value, and a great way to track your diet. Fooducate is a diet toolbox that tracks your progress and is backed by a community that keeps you motivated.

Fooducate Eat A Bit Better

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Map My Fitness By MapMyFitness

MapMyFitness has everything you could ever need in your fitness toolbar. Using your smartphones GPS system, MapMyFitness tracks all of your vitals, progress, speed, distance, and even pace. Checkout our MapMyFitness 2014 Review.

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ControlMyWeight – Calorie Counter

ControlMyWeight is a great way to become aware of eating patterns and habits. A great example of an app that helps you to make the right and the better choices. ControlMyWeight guides you through your goals by showing you exactly how much you should eat to reach those goals. ControlMyWeight gives you access to a large food database, charts, recipes, and tools to effectively control your weight.

Control My Weight Preview

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Yummly Recipes & Grocery Shopping List By Yummly

With Yummly you get instant access to an extensive database of recipes and much more. Yummly is a great app to discover healthy recipes and make them a part of your dietary regiment. Use Yummly app to find healthy and delicious recipes that you will enjoy, because eating healthy can be delicious.

Yummly App

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ShopWell – Healthy Diet & Grocery Food Scanner By YottaMark, Inc.

You can use ShopWell to maintain a specific diet, scan barcodes to decide if the food is a good match for your diet, and get food suggestions that are in line with your diet. ShopWell has a game feel to it and you can earn rewards for completing missions. To get a better idea of what ShopWell is all about check out the awesome video below.

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PercentEat food diary By Francisco Lorca Garcia

PercentEat doesn’t use the conventional calories for their food diary instead it uses a percentages system. PercentEat starts you off with 100% every day and for ever meal you lose some percentage. You can also do things to gain percentage, like exercise. The idea is that in order to lose weight you must not spend your 100%.

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Calorie Counter, Dining Out, Food, and Exercise Tracker By Everyday Health, Inc.

An all-in-one fitness toolbox, with this app you are getting a great deal of value. You will be able to count your calories, scan barcodes, get access to over 1,000 recipes for healthy meals, track your nutrition, interact with an active community, constant reminders, and personal motivation.

Calorie Counter, Dining Out, Food, and Exercise Tracker

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