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MapMyFitness 2014 Review

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The only thing missing from this app is a bright red bow on the package. MapMyFitness is, simply put, a one-stop shop fitness tracker.

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This app breaks down every aspect of your fitness regimen and keeps you on track, literally, using your smartphone’s GPS. This all-in-one fitness tracker will collect, log and record your workout, giving you the freedom to concentrate on getting through that last mile.

Need inspiration to go further with your workout? Use the app to see your “vitals,” such as calories burned, distance completed, speed, duration and pace. This fitness tracker not only logs the data, but it also analyzes it for you, allowing you to pattern your workout based on your own statistics.

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Completing your workout is even more rewarding when you earn achievements and receive a digital high-five. Push yourself even further by joining a challenge.

Achieve a PR on a course and you may end up on the public leader boards, where everyone can see and celebrate your health and fitness successes with you.

Need to up the ante? Use the app’s BMI and calorie calculators to actually see the progress you’re making, and the calories you’re burning as you work.

Need some inspiration?

If you’re having a tough week, no worries. Use MapMyFitness to create goals of walking further, increasing your pace or simply upping the frequency of your workouts.

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And if that piece of chocolate cake is calling your name, live a little and indulge yourself with a couple bites. You’ve earned it. MapMyFitness will keep track of the nutritional value of the foods you eat and let you know where you stand, and when you need to cut back.

Another convenient feature displays the nutritional value of popular food items, and allows you to favorite those foods that are low in calories, and high in satisfaction. The app also tracks your recent foods, keeping you on point for your daily caloric intake.

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Tracking your workout stats is a cinch. Simply input the date of your workout, pick an emoticon to express how you felt that day, and choose from a list of workout activities. The data is collected and organized into performance reports you can easily refer to later.

This workout tracker takes working out to the next level with the map my route feature. Simply plot out your points as you go, and the app will store and record your data.

Check the box to avoid the highways, and your distance and pace will be measured, in addition to other relevant information, such as elevation, weather, traffic and bicycle paths.

Join the fitness quest

Put the “social” in social media by sharing your progress with your friends. In addition, you can join fitness groups or events and be connected instantly to like-minded fitness friends. Add a personal statement that drives you and motivates you to a new fitness level, and share your goals with your groups, helping to keep you accountable and on track.

No one said fitness was easy. It takes hard work, dedication, determination and extreme discipline. MapMyFitness will be there with you through every step, every hike, every ride or every meal.

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