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CARROT Fit Video App Review

CARROT is a sarcastic computer character that wants you to get things done, and there are three CARROT apps that can help you do this. The first CARROT app was a to-do list app, then they came out with an alarm clock to help users wake up on time, and the most recent addition was created to make you work out, and it’s called CARROT fit!



CARROT Fit Features:

  • Work out with a hilarious AI construct
  • Enjoy 3+ hours of spoken tips, encouragement, and ridicule
  • Travel through time, protect your property from hobos, and appease an elder god in 12 original, never-before-seen exercises
  • Get 12 additional exercises via in-app purchase
  • Record your weight up to once a day
  • Bond with your cute & cuddly meatbag avatar
  • Unlock app upgrades as reward for getting fit
  • Set reminders so you’ll never forget a workout
  • Track your weight progress on a pretty graph
  • Set a goal weight that you’ll likely never meet
  • See how many steps you’ve taken today
  • Check your BMI to determine if you’re still obese
  • Back up all your data with Dropbox sync support
  • Sync data with Apple’s Health app

Don’t make CARROT angry. Click HERE to download her immediately!

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