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Why We Love Our Fitbit!

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Alright, I’ll admit I fell into the pedometer hype in 2004 when McDonalds conveniently included one in my salad, and again in 2014 when the updated, “app-related” ones became popular. I made the leap to buy one of those new-fangled step counters when all of my friends were wearing one. Why did I buy a Fitbit; because Khol’s had them on sale. Simple as that. I didn’t research any, didn’t comparing any, and I didn’t test any. This very sentence just gave heart palpitations to my grandmother who, has researched and compared every product she’s ever bought, including toilet paper. I digress – but boy, I made a great choice!!!


“How do you like that? Which one is it?” are the usual questions when people notice the rubber athletic band around my left wrist. My FitBit flex is a small oval-shaped tracker that slides into a semi-fashionable rubber band. Don’t worry; you can buy a multitude of colors or even a Tory Burch gold band, if you don’t appreciate the athletic band. I, however, enjoy that people think I am “super athletic”, so I rock the bands in a variety of colors.

With this product you have to download an app to your smart phone. All that you really get from your band is how far along inscreen322x572-4 your pre-set step goal you have reached. For example, there are five dots on the screen of the band, if your goal is 10,000 steps and you’ve reached 6,000 steps, three dots will appear. When you have accomplished your goal all five dots will appear and it will vibrate!

So that’s really all I bought it for, but there’s a ton of other stuff I’m really obsessed with, or like to think I am. When I open the app on my phone it syncs with the tracer and shows you exactly how many steps you’ve taken, how many miles you’ve walked, and how many calories you burned. It also shows how much time you spend exercising, but you can also input exercising that doesn’t necessarily involve a lot of steps, like Yoga and Pilates.

If you decide to go all in, you can enter your weight, desired weight, and it tracks how you are progressing. You can also enter everything you eat, and it estimates your calorie intake. Finally, and my favorite add-on is the sleep tracker. When you get into bed you can change the setting to sleep mode and go to sleep. The next morning you can look at the report of your sleep pattern. It tells you when you are awake, restless, or sleeping. As someone who has a hard time sleeping, this helped me track when my most restless times were.

There are other products the Fitbit sells to go along with your flex or to give you different advantages. Check them out, or do what I did and just but this one!! I am in love with my FitBit… if you couldn’t tell.


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