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Top Fitness Apps: Smart Yoga Mats

The age of everything smart is upon us. The first thing that got the prefix smart was the cell phones. Now we can’t imagine our communication without smartphones. Encouraged by this success, tech companies have decided to use this smart technology in many other devices. That’s why we have smart watches, smart rings, smart fitness trackers and now smart yoga mats.


Smart Yoga Mats

Currently, there are multiple smart yoga mat models on the market. The latest one is produced by SmartMat and it can be pre-ordered. The SmartMat will help yoga enthusiasts to complete different Yoga positions and help them find the right stance so they can master every pose they want. SmartMat is an excellent gadget for both beginner and advanced yoga practitioners because this is not only a virtual guide, but also a device that helps practitioners to make their yoga workout more efficient. With SmartMat you can expect to feel all of the benefits of a workout faster than ever before.


Thorough analysis through a responsive yoga mat

SmartMats come with sophisticated responsive sensors found inside the mat. In order to get proper instructions, you will have to connect your tablet or smartphone to the mat. Once connected, you will receive visual and audio indicators. You will be guided on what action to take to improve your stance. Of course, this mat and the app that comes with it will not provide real-time information. Users can easily analyze their performance when the exercise is finished. By taking a closer look at the poses, practitioners can see whether they need to fix something or not. The Smart Yoga Mat comes with dozens of yoga poses and if the user is prepared to reach the next level simply by using the mat’s guiding feature. The library of yoga poses is constantly updated.

Tips and advice tailored to your own needs

In order to provide tips and advice suitable to your goals and abilities, the smart yoga mat will need to get your personal information – gender, height, weight. In addition, before suggesting suitable Yoga poses users will need to provide measurements between limbs, arm span measurements and few other things that can help the device provide useful information once they start training.

Three different modes

The SmartMat comes with three different modes for people with different needs. The first mode is called home private mode and as the name suggests it resembles interactive yoga classes adjusted to your personal alignment and balance. The second mode is the so-called class assist mode which is created for use at the gym or Yoga class. It collects information and provides visual suggestions that won’t affect the order on the class. Finally the Zen mode turns your smart interactive mat to a regular mat with no audio or visual indicators although your exercise is tracked and can be viewed and analyzed when you finish the workout.

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