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Grokker App Review

screen568x568-3Grokker is a yoga/fitness/cooking app that we are crazy about! The basic set up is the same as most social media/ fitness apps. There is a newsfeed, profile, search, and ‘your video’ tab. It is user friendly and easy to navigate through.

What we really love about this app is the content. Your newsfeed finds workouts for each morning that you may enjoy and new food recipes for each week. They have everything from smoothie recipes,screen568x568-4 to muffins, to full meal options.

You can also scroll through the app ahead of time and save videos and recipes for later. After finding videos you really enjoy, you can keep them in your fitness storage. The app is full of yoga and fitness videos you can choose from for your daily workout. There are several different experts that post throughout the app.

Once you find experts you enjoy, you can follow their pages. You can choose from the type of yoga or fitness you want or you can choose to stay with one expert you jive with. There is not cost for the app and the videos are endless. We love the exercise component of this app, but we are over the top about the cooking portion.

The app has a plethora of healthy recipes that you can make that night for dinner. You are given a list of ingredients and a step by step video of the actual cooking. Everything is right there in the app!


Download the Grokker App for iOS HERE

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