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Here are the NEWEST PAID health & fitness apps for Android devices.
App IconApp TitleRatingContains AdsInstallDownloadsPriceDescription’re 80Bites away from your ideal weight!Top New Paid Log5.0False Workout TrackingTop New Paid Testing5.0False simple yet powerful way to measure your clients cardio-respiratory fitnessTop New Paid Tracker {Premium)5.0False reliable period and ovulation calculator app.Top New Paid Khoury's Drink Water4.3False Water - Water RemainderTop New Paid Squat Calculator0.0False app to calculate weights for the 12-week Hatch Squat protocol.Top New Paid Bands Exercises and Workouts PRO0.0False best App of training and exercises with elastic bands and resistance bandsTop New Paid your HearShape!Top New Paid