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Here are the top trending health & fitness apps for Android devices.
App IconApp TitleRatingContains AdsInstallDownloadsPriceDescription X – GPS Location & Activity Tracker5.0True,000+0.00Tracks your daily locations, routes, and activities and display on a map.Top Trending Trending Tracker - Period Calendar Ovulation Tracker4.9True,000,000+0.00Remind your next period, fertile days. easy to conceive or birth controlTop Trending - quit smoking & become a non-smoker4.9True,000+0.00Do you want to become smoke-free successfully? Flamy supports you on this way!Top Trending Section Challenge4.9False Weight Loss Program. As Seen On TV. Healthy Eating Made Simple.Top Trending On Demand - The Best Fitness Workouts4.9False,000+0.00Welcome to Beachbody® On Demand (BOD™). Get ready to sweat!Top Trending Tracker Clue - Ovulation and Cycle Calendar4.8False,000,000+0.00Track your period. Learn about your ovulation, PMS, menstrual cycle & fertility.Top Trending Sounds - White Noise & Relax Melodies4.8True,000+0.00Sleep Sounds,ASMR, Calm & Relax Melodies, Nature & Meditation Music, White NoiseTop Trending Water Reminder4.8True,000+0.00Water Tracker reminds you to drink water and tracks your daily water intakeTop Trending Christian Guided Meditation & Daily Prayers4.8False,000+0.00Join the millions of people who find peace with daily reflections & mindfulnessTop Trendingži korak4.8False,000+0.00Pruži korak je društveno odgovorna aplikacija za mobilne telefone.Top Trending Tracker - Pedometer Free & Calorie Tracker4.8True,000+0.00Daily step tracker, free pedometer & map tracker to count steps and calories.Top Trending - Anxiety Helper4.8False tool for anxiety, stress and panic. Based on CBT and mindfulness.Top Trending's Meditate: Guided Meditation4.8False,000+0.00A powerful app for Guided Meditation!Top Trending Sounds4.8True,000,000+0.00Soothing sounds for refreshing sleep!Top Trending Drink Reminder4.8True,000,000+0.00Did you drink enough water today? It's good for your skin and for weight loss.Top Trending Fitness - Women Workout4.8True,000,000+0.00Keep Fit & Weight Loss at Home! The BEST women workout app for female fitness.Top Trending & Bodybuilding4.8True,000,000+0.00Work out with Fitness & Bodybuilding app!Top Trending Tracker4.8True,000+0.00Want to be healthy? Drink more water with water tracker and water drink reminderTop Trending Manager: Low Carb Diet Tracker, Macro Counter4.7False,000+0.00ketogenic macros calculator, perfect keto meal recipe, food calorie & nutritionTop Trending - DNA Testing : Health & Ancestry4.7False,000+0.00Explore your DNA! Learn about your ancestry, health, traits, and more.Top Trending Workouts4.7False,000+19.99Your own personal trainer wherever you are! Quick and effective workouts!Top Trending - Free Fitness Workouts & Personalized Plans4.7False,000+0.00Stop paying to work out! Exercise & get fit with cardio, HIIT, pilates & more.Top Trending Fitness classes, spa, yoga, & local gyms4.7False,000,000+0.00Book from thousands of workouts, meditation, yoga, and beauty services near you.Top Trending, Step Counter & Weight Loss Tracker App4.7True,000,000+0.00Count steps, track health + walk off calories FREE. Sync w/ MyFitnessPal, FitbitTop Trending,000+0.00Real-Time Race Tracking for World-Class EventsTop Trending Tracker4.7False,000+0.00A simple way to track your weight in either lbs, stones & lbs or kgTop Trending Fasting Tracker | Social Intermittent Fasting4.6False,000+0.00Social, Flexible Intermittent Fasting TrackerTop Trending - Fertility Tracker4.6False,000+0.00Best Period Tracker, Ovulation Calendar, Pregnancy Calendar & Fertility TrackerTop Trending Meditation Program4.6False,000+0.00Self-discovery. Calm & SleepTop Trending Calorie Tracker4.6False,000,000+0.00MyPlate Calorie Tracker - Your Diet & Fitness Calorie Counter for Better HealthTop Trending Meditate - Meditation, Relaxation, Sleep App4.6True,000+0.00The only 100% free app for guided meditations, relaxing music, & better sleep ????Top Trending Sleep, Music & Meditation4.6False,000+0.00Stress less and sleep more with our music, meditations and storiesTop Trending Twilight Sleep Stories: Kids Bedtime App4.5False,000+0.00Sleep stories: ease kids to sleep with a calm bedtime aid. Relax sooner tonight!Top Trending,000,000+0.00Your Health Has Met Its App (?)Top Trending in 30 Days - Splits Training, Do the Splits4.5True,000,000+0.00Get Full Splits in 30 days with splits training. Beginner Friendly!Top Trending Butts4.5False,000+0.00No Butts stop smoking app by the California Smokers' Helpline @ UC San DiegoTop Trending with Map My Walk4.5True,000,000+0.00MapMyWalk tracks the route, distance, pace, and more in real-time using GPS.Top Trending Workouts - Strong Biceps in 30 Days at Home4.5True,000+0.00Workout for Building Strong Arm muscle, develop biceps in 30 days at home freeTop Trending Scripts4.5False,000,000+0.00Manage your prescriptions and pharmacy care anytime, anywhere.Top Trending's Pharmacy4.5False,000+0.00America's Pharmacy – Instant Drug Savings / Save up to 80%Top Trending Rate Monitor4.5True,000+0.00Fast, convenient, accurate heart rate measurement every day!Top Trending Counter - MyFitnessPal4.5True,000,000+0.00Lose weight with MyFitnessPal, the fastest and easiest to use calorie counter.Top Trending Health4.5False,000+0.00Top Trending - Cash for walking & running4.4True,000,000+0.00Great sports data tool and bring cash reward everyday!Top Trending & Where4.4False,000+0.00App that detects anomalies when you are walking and calls an emergency contactTop Trending Workout Tracker, Weight Lifting, Gym Log App4.4True,000,000+0.00Exercise Routine Planner, Home Personal Trainer, Bodybuilding Strength ProgramTop Trending of Greater San Antonio4.4False,000+0.00Track your workout in the club and on the go with YMCA of Greater SanAntonio appTop Trending - Diet Plan, Macro Calculator & Food Diary4.3False,000,000+0.00Food tracker: meal planner, keto recipes & diet tips. Eat healthy & lose weight!Top Trending Counseling & Therapy Online4.3False,000+0.00Get counseling from a licensed therapist, manage and improve your mental healthTop Trending Permanente4.3False,000,000+0.00The new KP App Managing your health care just got easier.Top Trending - Sexual happiness4.3False,000+0.00Sex wellbeing guide for womenTop Trending Simple Keto - Low Carb Diet Tracking App4.3True,000+0.00Tracks your daily carbs and keeps you motivated to manage your ketogenic diet!Top Trending Mind4.3False,000+0.00Smiling Mind is meditation made easy.Top Trending Tracker Vio, Ovulation Calendar4.2True,000+0.00Period Tracker Vio, Ovulation Calendar – on guard of your well-being.Top Trending Diabetes4.2False,000+0.00#1 Rated App for Type 2 Diabetes*Top Trending - Diet Tracker & Weight Loss Diary4.2False,000+1.99iTrackBites is compatible with your current food score based weight loss systemTop Trending,000+0.00Download the Limeade app to check in on your well-being wherever you are!Top Trending PA4.1False,000+0.00myCOMPASS PA is for Pennsylvanians who have applied for or get benefits.Top Trending,000+0.00Get Washington Healthplanfinder information anytime, anywhere.Top Trending Loss Fitness by Verv4.0True,000,000+0.00Get fit with personalized fitness workout plan. Slim down & lose weight fast!Top Trending Weight Loss Workouts4.0False,000,000+0.00Simple & Effective Workouts for Weight Loss! Includes Meal Plan!Top Trending Drop - Diabetes Management4.0False,000+0.00Track all your diabetes data — Glucose, Meds, Food, and Activity — in one place.Top Trending - Walk. Run. Earn.4.0False,000+0.00Complete walking or running challenges and earn money!Top Trending Coach4.0False,000+0.00CBT-i Coach is for people who are in CBT for Insomnia with a health provider.Top Trending,000+0.00HIPAA Secure Text Messaging and Mobile Charge Capture App with PQRS.Top Trending Plugins Service3.8False,000,000+0.00Enables ANT+ wireless communication for ANT+ enabled apps.Top Trending TEXAS WIC3.8False,000+0.00WIC Shopping made easy with my TEXAS WIC.Top Trending Pedometer diet3.8True,000,000+0.00Pedometer counts your steps, time, distance, calories while walking or runningTop Trending Meditation & Sleep3.7False,000,000+0.00Just a few minutes can change your dayTop Trending Bluebook3.7False,000+0.00Never Overpay for Healthcare AgainTop Trending,000,000+0.00Fitbit is dedicated to helping people lead healthier, more active lives.Top Trending To Mordor3.6True,000+0.00Exercise your way to Mordor following the route of Frodo and SamTop Trending + Light3.6True,000+0.00Magnifier with light to help read bills, maps, labels and other small print.Top Trending - Meditación y Felicidad3.5False,000+0.00Cultivate calm, clarity, welfare and better relationships. Meditations in SpanishTop Trending™3.5False,000+0.00Sleep Tracker + Smart Alarm ClockTop Trending Walking3.2False,000+0.00Walking appTop Trending CC3.2False,000+0.00Easily log your outdoor activities in the Outdoor Nation Campus ChallengeTop Trending News App3.1False,000+0.00A potentially life-saving app that allows victims of abuse to call for help.Top Trending,000+0.00Take a fun-filled walking tour to fascinating global cities… with 10K-A-Day.Top Trending Peer Emotional Support2.9False,000+0.00Give & receive peer support for marriage problems, divorce, depression and more.Top Trending Edge2.8False,000+0.00World-class fitness training in the palm of your handTop Trending Workout Trainer2.7False,000,000+0.00Workouts Guide & Diet PlanTop Trending—All-day Fitness Coaching2.7False,000+0.00Works with your phone or iFit wearable to track your daily health and fitness.Top Trending Tracker2.7False,000+0.00Walking and wellness challenges for organizations, cities, and corporations.Top Trending - Calm Meditation, Sleep & Mindfulness2.6False,000+0.00How to meditate, breathe, relax, relieve stress, anxiety, be calm & sleep betterTop Trending Fitness2.5False,000,000+0.00Track your Judgement Free workout with the Planet Fitness app.Top Trending Health Clubs2.2False,000+0.00The Youfit app offers digital check-ins, rewards for referrals, & workout tips.Top Trending Benefits Mobile2.1False,000+0.00Save time and hassles with Discovery Benefits Mobile.Top Trending Motion1.7False,000+0.00Use this app with the activity tracker to achieve your walking goals!Top Trending Journal - Drink Water Tracker & Reminder0.0True's easy for you to drink more water every day.Top Trending much water should i drink0.0True out how much water should you drink dailyTop Trending Better Digital Decisions Every DayTop Trending Family YMCA0.0False schedules, facility status, programs, events and more.Top Trending a fun, inspiring way to stay active in October and beyond.Top Trending Drink Reminder - Hydration Tracker0.0True Drink Reminder - Hydration TrackerTop Trending Fitness - Saludables Nutritivas y Sanas0.0True Homemade fitness recipes: lose weight, stay or gain muscle mass ????Top Trending Fox Cities0.0False schedules, facility status, programs, events and more.Top Trending On Demand0.0False is the original dance party workout .Top Trending UT Active0.0False amazing attractions and build health habits with Keep UT System Active.Top Trending