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Fooducate is one of the better diet trackers for your phone. It offers unique options regarding your personal diet when you first log in, such as “warn me about GMOs,” “avoid processed foods,” “eat vegetarian,” and “eat vegan.” These are factors most diet apps do not take into consideration, and could help determine nutrient needs. There is also an option to have Fooducate remind you to use it while you are at the supermarket. Because it has an effective scanner for food products, this app can also help you food shop for healthy brands.

Fooducate is easy to use and set up in a user friendly manner. The main screen gives you the options to scan products, track your health, or browse foods. When tracking your food, Fooducate shows pictures of the product and rates the product from A+ (in green) to F (in red) to give you a quick glimpse of its nutritional value. In addition to tracking your diet and exercise (although this part may not be so accurate), you can also add notes to your dietary intake. This could include anything from feeling guilty about eating the second cookie, to recording why you ate what you ate. Not only does this help you be more mindful of your intake, but it also makes it easier to look back and see your trigger foods or situations.

Although Fooducate has a database that consists of almost any brand you may be eating, its harder to use Fooducate to track meals eaten at home or at restaurants.  In these situations, Fooducate is not as helpful, but you can add in your own recipes to the database. Overall, Fooducate can be a great tool in helping you choose healthier brands and tracking your progress, but when using Fooducate, it’s up to you to be accountable for meals that don’t come out of a package.








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