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Nike+ Running 2014 Review

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Nike+ Running tracks your running activity using a GPS. The GPS system makes the Nike+ Running app very useful for any runner who prefers the outdoors to the treadmill.

Nike Run Forecast

If you are a gym bunny, you can select the indoor option as well. The Nike+ has helpful motivation on it, such as music and cheering and you can also add friends so you need never run alone. If you’re a busy bee, Nike+ gives you the option of pausing your run whilst you take a phone call so you need never run and talk again.

Nike Run Share

The app is easy to set up and all you have to do to start your Nike+ Running journey is enter your basic information and hit begin. The Nike app counts down for you to make sure you’re ready for your run in time.

The Nike+ Running app also gives runners the option of holding your phone in your hand or attaching it to your arm. Most runners will agree that an armband is probably the better option as you do not want to drop your phone when your hands get sweaty.

Nike Run Distance

Once you’ve completed your run, the app shows you information which includes: the time, miles run, number of runs completes, calories burnt and your average pace. It’s basically all the information you see on the fancy treadmills at the gym, only at a fraction of the cost. The app also uses graphs to log your progress.

Whilst the Nike+ is one of the best running apps, it’s not a wonderful fitness or cardio app as it only logs running. However, we reccomend using Nike + Running in conjunction with the Nike Training Club app to combine your running workouts with strength training sessions.

The fact that you can use a fitness band to attach it to your arm makes it all the more appealing. After all, who wants to carry their phone whilst running? It is better suited to outdoor runners. Besides, most gym equipment already has the information this app provides on it anyway.

So, if you’re a runner and you’re looking for an app to log your runs, try the Nike+ Running app today. It’s easy and effective. It’s one app which will never let you down.

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