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Favorite App Friday: Fitnotix

Fitnotix is an awesome, free running app that is perfect for anyone looking to live a healthier lifestyle. Whether you’re a casual runner or you’re training for a marathon, the features of Fitnotix allow you to plan your course and track your progress.

I had the chance to speak to the CEO of Fitnotix and personally, I was happy to find that their primary mission is to build relationships with people to help them live healthier lifestyles.  They encourage users to “have fun with Fitnotix” and to use it as a tool with other running apps, such as Nike+ or Mapmyrun in order to find what combination works best. They want their users to get the best results from the work they put in, and I couldn’t agree more with that philosophy.

In addition to being the first app that uses Google maps to let you plan your course and gives you exact turn by turn directions, it can also alert you during a course that you have previously run if you are going faster or slower than your previous times. This lets you know if you are improving your pace, or if you need to step it up! Fitnotix is easy to use and highly motivating, making it one of our favorite new apps available!

Be sure to look out for Fitnotix’s new app coming out in 2014, which is a web based app called Virtual Lifestyle Coach. Once Fitnotix is downloaded for free, you will automatically have access to the trainer (paid version).  I’m excited to try it!

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