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Running!! – An Insight on iPhone Running Apps

I have been a little out of sorts lately rehabbing my lower back.   Patience, the right exercises,stretches, rolling out,  chiropractic care and acupuncture have helped me recover! it’s a slow process but I am patient.

If you’d like to see my rehab exercises you can find me as AnnLago the Dedicated on Please feel free to send me a message or ask questions!

One thing I have been able to continue is running. I ran 5 miles tonight with the Nike+ Running app. We’ve had beautiful Spring like weather the last 2 weeks and it seems that directly affects my ipod’s ability to stream music b/c I didn’t have a single stop!

It’s marathon training season!! One of the things I like about my Nike running app is that I keep a list of my sneakers right on the app. When I run I record which sneakers I ran in so I know EXACTLY how many miles are on each and when I need to change them out!    So all you marathoners out there would benefit from this iPhone app. Not only can you track your runs, times, routes, but your sneaker mileage too!!!

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