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SternFit App Review

bannerIn the past people had only few options to measure their fitness level and their progress once they become physically active. They usually used the weighing scale or a mirror. Thanks to the advance in technology, people today have more sophisticated methods to calculate and monitor their fitness progress or their weight loss success. In addition, they can also measure almost every detail from their activities – distance, speed, calories burned, and make thorough analysis after they have finished with their fitness routine. Although these apps can be very useful they can also become very boring if you rely only on them. It is always easier to exercise together with some friend or to share your experience with other like-minded people. Luckily, another great thing about the advance in technology is the fact that the communication today is easier than ever. So, the best thing that you can do about your fitness progress is to find an app that can help you get the right fitness plans, share your knowledge and ideas with other enthusiasts and your friends too. This is exactly what SternFit app promises.


How Does SternFit work?

SternFit app provides users the opportunity to train with a purpose. It works on iOS-based devices where users can easily create, edit and share their own workout plans. There is a special Fit-tab where people can create their own profiles shared with the public. This is where they save their activities and let other people comment or leave suggestions. This is an excellent way to get a support from people you know or people who share similar interests. Users can also get advice in case they are doing something wrong or receive tips in order to improve their routine. The app has the capability to save all the data and allow users to analyze it later.


What makes SternFit special?

As we have mentioned before, there are literally hundreds of mobile apps dedicated to training and fitness. However, only few of them have this interesting approach and concept. SternFit is an app that comes with many different features and this is probably one of the reasons why this app has become so popular. Now let’s check some of these features.

Fit-Tab – This is actually your profile page for fitness. It looks similar to the profile pages that we see on popular social networks, which is quite natural because SternFit is trying to promote social fitness. Users can put their images and videos in this tab and they can also share their daily or weekly training plan. In this way they are sharing their experience with other people.

Search and add people – This app works as an open network. It encourages people who don’t know each other to communicate in order to improve their workout routine. Now, you don’t have to visit local gyms and ask people what’s their name. You can use the search nearby feature and find their profiles.

Add friends – The previous feature is closely related to this one. If you believe that some of the persons on this network are cool and they motivate you, you can add them and become friends. You will get notifications.

Group chat – If you are working out with several friends or you are planning to start such group, you will be able to add these individuals into a group chat. In this way you will be able to come up with the perfect workout plan and you will be able to motivate each other to achieve more in times when you feel a little bit lazy. With the help of your workout buddies you will get fit in a short period of time!

Training plan – SternFit allows users to share their training plan. Instead of keeping your plan in a notebook you will be able to carry it wherever you go. This is something that can be quite useful in situations when someone asks how you have reached this form and what is your secret. With SternFit there are no more secrets. Each member shares their routine and if you are a beginner you can find the ideal routine for yourself.

Instant message – If you have some more specific questions, you can always use the instant message feature and ask your fellow workout enthusiasts about their workout routines.

SternFit-Clean-Jerk SternFit-Chat SternFit-Training-Plan SternFit-Nearby SternFit-Profile

Pros of SternFit

  • It is a free application
  • Its user interface is neat, simple yet attractive
  • It comes with many useful features

There are no more worries about tracking the progress of your workout efforts, the progress of your friends, communicating with your workout buddies or getting workout ideas because SternFit app is here.




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