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Calorie Count

Calorie Count is another free diet tool that helps you track your diet, exercise and weight loss. The database for this app contains over 250,000 foods and is based off of their award winning website,, which has a following of about 3 million users. What’s different about this app is that in addition to being able to search for ... Read More »

Weight Watchers Mobile

The Weight Watchers mobile App offers some free features, but in order to track your points and enter your food intake, you have to update to the paid version. The free version, however, does offer some unique recipes such as grilled cremini mushrooms with Dijon dipping sauce and Cuban flank steak with fresh herb sauce. I am not sure how ... Read More »

Endomondo Sports Tracker

  There are two kinds of running/walking apps. There are those that use GPS to track your location and movement, and there are those that use motion sensors in your phone. It’s hard to say which system is better. They both have their pros and cons. It’s likely that any calorie measures you get from a GPS app are going ... Read More »


MapMyFitness+ is another all-in-one fitness-tracker. It uses the GPS already built in to your iPhone or Android (OS 2.1 or higher) device to tracker speed, distance, duration, elevation, and, of course, maps your route for easy access any time in the future. You can set up a free account online and have your runs or rides automatically uploaded, and the ... Read More »

Every Body Walk

  Every Body Walk is a simple app with a simple purpose: Track your numbers while you walk. Not only will Every Body Walk tally your distance, time, and an estimate of calories burned, it will also map your route in real time. You can save walks and view them later, or share your info on Facebook or Twitter. The ... Read More »