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MapMyFitness+ is another all-in-one fitness-tracker. It uses the GPS already built in to your iPhone or Android (OS 2.1 or higher) device to tracker speed, distance, duration, elevation, and, of course, maps your route for easy access any time in the future. You can set up a free account online and have your runs or rides automatically uploaded, and the linked Twitter feature allows you tweet your workouts.

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More than maps

The substance of MapMyFitness+ lies mostly in its ability to create maps for its users, but the creators wanted you to be able to keep track of more than just runs and rides without using multiple apps, so there are also built in features for logging gym workouts and nutrition information. If you want to keep track of your activities, and you are mainly a runner or cyclist, this app has got you covered. Best of all, MapMyFitness+ FREE, and, consequently, well worth the investment.



Also Available on Blackberry App World!

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