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My Diet Coach for Women

My Diet Coach for Women is geared towards motivating weight loss. Unlike most diet apps that are more focused on tracking your diet, this app gives you the motivation you need to conquer the mental blocks of whatever is keeping you from losing weight. You are provided with tips for specific areas that you may need an extra push in the right direction. Whether it be food cravings, eating out, exercise laziness, diet slip ups, etc, whatever your weak area is in dieting, this app can motivate you to get through it.

My Diet Coach for Women lets you set reminders and notifications based on your goal, so that you may think twice before skipping the gym or grabbing that extra slice. You can also upload pictures of yourself to track your progress without tracking food intake. By customizing your reminders, you can hopefully fix your “trouble areas” or triggers in dieting.

While this is a great concept, considering that dieting is usually more mentally challenging than anything else, to be successful using this app, you must first be aware of what your triggers are and know when to have the app send notifications. It’s also important to note that even though tips and quotes can be motivating, they don’t take off the pounds. In order to actually lose weight, you still have to cut calories, but in order to track them on My Diet Coach for Women,you would have to buy the paid version of the app.







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