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PercentEat: Take Control Of Your Diet

We recently spoke with Francisco Lorca, designer and developer of PercentEat, who shared their story with us about the creation and success of this app. We found out that the app was created after personal struggles to get healthy and lose weight. There were diet trackers already available, but none that completely suited all needs. It was then that PercentEat was created to really make a difference for people.

With PercentEat, users track what they eat on a daily basis so that they can reach their desirable weight. What makes PercentEat different, as Fransisco told us, is that it “helps people with the amount of food they consume, not with the nutritional values of food.” The app also helps users with advice and tips for motivation such as “you can’t improve what you don’t measure!”


PercentEat adapts to the user, no matter what age or weight. It calculates the percentages of food that you should be eating and then as you enter your meals, it shows you the percentages that you really are eating. “The majority of people that use PercentEat are females, but there are many males too! In fact one male user wrote us the other day thanking us for creating PercentEat, because he managed to lose 3 kg using it! It was great to know that and it made our day!”

With PercentEat, fruits and vegetables don’t count against your percentages, so you can eat as much as you’d like with your meals. This also means, though, that vegan diets will not be correctly calculated, so this app is not the best choice for vegans. It does have the option to register custom meals, so you can always enter information from the Nutrition facts label. You can even register your meal manually if you know what ingredients are used!


PercentEat has a unique user interface, that puts the user first. For example, every time you register a new meal, the app creates a shortcut for it. The next time the user wants to eat that kind of food, then it is available with just one tap! That way, the more you use PercentEat, the easier it becomes! Another cool thing are badges and achievements as well as the 400 quotes and tips included to help the user learn healthy habits and the Twitter integration inside the app. The best feature of all, however, is that PercentEat is free!

“We are really excited because we just finished our biggest update! We listened to our users and what they wanted in PercentEat, and I think we are going to deliver it.” The update that Francisco was referring to includes the ability to send an email with a personalized report on PDF, an instant BMI calculator, a much faster registration of foods, less adds, and tons of improvements in bug fixing. “We’ve been working on it all summer and it was harder and took longer that we expected, but we think it was worth it!”

Fransisco also added, “I would like to thank all the users that gave an opportunity to PercentEat. We are really proud of what we have done, but right now PercentEat is not doing really well because we are still unknown to people. So please, if you download PercentEat and you like it, help us with a review in the AppStore or Google Play. We really need them!” If anyone has a suggestion please contact PercentEat through e-mail or Twitter (@PercentEat). I would like to end this interview thanking for their interest on PercentEat and as a fitness app lover myself, I also want to congratulate them for their amazing website!


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