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Favorite App Friday: RipDeck

If you’ve ever tried the deck of cards workout, you know just how intense it can be. RipDeck brings that idea to life by transforming it into the app version. Unlike other apps that are supposed to be used at the gym, RipDeck is intended specifically for people who are either traveling, or would prefer to get their workout done without leaving their house (awesome, right?). You can still use it at the gym, making it an anywhere, anytime workout tool! From their point of view, there should be nothing standing in the way of getting a good workout, and we couldn’t agree more.


The idea stems from the real deck of cards workout, but the app version is much more animated and is significantly quicker. You pick five exercises if you are working out at the gym, or if at home, pick any 5 body weight exercises. Each suite is a different exercise and you complete however many reps the number on card says. You can do 11 reps for royal cards or any multiplier you choose!

RipDeck was created because the inventor’s husband was overweight. As a computer engineer, he sat at a desk all day (like many of us) and played video games all night. In addition to being sedentary, he was not eating a healthy diet.

One day, he started taking walks at lunch. Eventually he stopped smoking, and step by step, he began improving his unhealthy habits. Eventually, he felt comfortable enough to join a gym, but quickly realized he didn’t know how to work the equipment. They suggested a personal trainer who changed his life. On their first day working together, he said “I just want to feel better,” and a year later he lost 100 pounds. One of the skills the trainer provided for him was teaching him the deck of cards workout. From there, the app was born.

The most appealing aspect of RipDeck is that anyone can use it. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, this app can provide you with an amazing workout. Users ranging from extremely overweight people looking to get started, all the way to personal trainers who use it for their own workouts. The reason this is possible is because of the ability to customize your workouts.

For only $1.99, you can download RipDeck, and your workouts will never again get stale or feel boring. You have the ability to change up the exercises and add equipment as needed so that you are constantly shocking your body. RipDeck also has personal trainers and fitness bloggers who supply workouts weekly that you can share and use on the app, which is a very unique feature!

If you’re looking for a cheap way to add intensity to your at home workouts, or you are just starting your own workout regimen, this app is definitely worth a try. It’s an easy way to learn exercises without getting frustrated or bored. Just download, and watch your fitness level improve!

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