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Favorite App Friday: Gym Tuck

Gym Tuck was created by celebrity trainer and fitness entrepreneur, Joshua Lipsey, and the only equipment you need to get in shape with this app is your own body. All you have to do is select your problem area, and you receive a bank of over 100 exercises to complete in addition to demonstrative videos to follow. To make your workout more interesting, you then bet on how many reps you can complete, which will drive you to achieve that number (if not surpass it).

gym tuck

The concept of this app is that you bet on yourself to improve your strength, endurance, balance, muscle tone, and confidence! If you achieve your set goal, you gain a point, which accumulate toward your overall score.

As a former professional athlete, Lipsey made Gym Tuck because he felt that fitness apps were too generic and too easy for some people. As he recalls, “They would tell you to do 20 reps, but what if I could do 50?” Better yet, this app is FREE on iTunes, so there’s no excuse NOT to try it!

gym tuck

Gym Tuck makes you motivate yourself to do more throughout each workout. It’s perfect for people who are looking to work on specific goals or target areas, such as abs, sides, back, legs, arms, glutes, chest, cardio and balance. It’s also a great app to use while traveling or while stuck at home!

Because Gym Tuck focuses mostly on strength, we suggest using it along with MapMyRun and MyFitnessPal to track your cardio and your nutrition.

Gym Tuck is relatively new, but already has downloads from around the world. They are constantly developing and adding new features to make your workout a unique experience.As Joshua Lipsey put it, “With New Years resolutions coming, spend money on this app to get the best body you’ve ever had!”

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