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Runtastic 2014 Review

The Runtastic Pedometer Pro is an up-to-date app which has the ability to turn your phone (provided it’s a smartphone) into a pedometer. The goal of the Runtastic Pedometer Pro is for everyone to walk at least 10,000 steps each day.

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The app is simple and attractive, with no complex app navigation systems. It even estimates the calories which you have burnt, which is extremely helpful for anyone looking to lose a few pounds. You can set goals ad review your record

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Whilst most fitness apps are confusing, the Runtastic Pedometer Pro most certainly isn’t. Anyone can understand it, and even the biggest technophobes can use it.

Now, whilst a lot of running apps are used primarily for weight loss purposes, the Runtastic Pedometer Pro is different.

As well as using it to lose weight, you can also use it to track your runs, which helps with marathon training.

By using the Runtastic Pedometer Pro to track your steps, you will know exactly how far you have run each day. So, get training for that marathon; the Runtastic app is here to help you.

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However, if you’re not quite ready to run a marathon, you can also use the pedometer to track your performance whilst you’re training for five kilometre and ten kilometre runs. You needn’t suffer through 5k training alone; the pedometer is here to be your guide.

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Neither should you drag yourself through the rigours of 10k training on your own. If you team up with the Runtastic Pedometer Pro, you’ll never run alone and, you’ll be fit for that race in no time at all.

The app only costs $1.99 on the iPhone and $0 .99 for an android phone. Therefore, the Runtastic Pedometer Pro falls into the golden low-cost range.

The more basic version of the app, the Runtastic Running and Fitness App, is slightly more basic but, more importantly, free.

Whether you’re using the Runtastic Pedometer Pro for training, weight loss or simply to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, there can be no doubt that it works for everyone.

It’s simple and effective and, I am yet to find someone who is unable to navigate the app. So, what are you waiting for? Download it today!

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