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6 Steps to 6-Pack Abs

Even in the winter months when everyone is forced cover their abs with layers of clothes to keep warm, we have to make sure we continually work to develop a good looking mid-section so when the warmer weather arrives, we are ready for it.

We put together a list of fitness apps that can help you on your quest for a great abs. The apps that we came across are: Runtastic Six Pack Abs Workout, Gipis Running, Sit-Ups 0-200, and Calorie Counter Plus. Listed below are the apps, and some of their features, followed by 6 steps to a 6-pack.

6 pack

Runtastic Six Pack Abs Workout

– Has Male and Female avatars that guide you with video, through a variety of core exercises.

– Multiple levels of workouts tailored to targeted areas, and to fit your personal fitness level.

– No gym equipment required. You can do the workouts anywhere.

– Over 60 “Tips of the day”



Gipis Running

– Allows you to set your personal running goal.

– Creates a personal training plan designed to help you accomplish your personal running goal.

– Tracks your runs.

– The training plan is customized to your daily schedule.


Sit-Ups 0-200

– A Step-by-Step 10 week plan to take you from 0  to 200 sit-ups in only 10 weeks.

– Each week the number of sit-ups progressively increases to build you up to be able to complete 200.


Calorie Counter Plus

– Allows you to track your daily calories, to know how much your daily intake is.

– Has an easy-to-use barcode scanning feature.

calorie counter plus

6 Steps to get 6-Pack Abs:

Step # 1

Be committed to your goal. To accomplish any goal you must be 100% committed and make your goal a priority. This means that you have to be willing to make sacrifices with nutritional, and lifestyle choices. This may mean choosing a healthy option when eating out with friends, or waking up earlier than normal to get a quality workout in.

Step # 2

Develop good nutritional habits. When it comes to visually seeing your abs, nutrition is #1. You can use a tool such as the Calorie Counter Plus app to help you track your daily caloric intake so that you know exactly how much you are consuming. By entering the food into app, many people are more conscious of what they are eating on a daily basis, and helps them to make better choices when they actually visually see what they are consuming.

Step # 3

Progress each week. As you increase your Core/Ab strength make sure you progressively increase the level of difficulty to challenge yourself even more as you improve. In order to continually make progress, you must progress according to your fitness level, which should increase as you get stronger. This is where an app such as Sit-Ups 0-200 can help. The app increase the number of sit-ups that you do each week, to help you to continually progress as you improve.

Step # 4

Workout consistently. Even the best workout program will not produce the intended results if it is not followed with consistency. Make sure that you stick with your program on a consistent basis. To help with consistency, the Gipis Running app is a great option to help you stay on track. The app allows you to track your runs, which also means they are a lot more likely to stay the course and workout much more consistently.

Step # 5

Incorporate exercises that force you to brace your core, and stabilize your mid-section. Some of our favorite options here are Plank variations. These stabilizing exercises are a must to develop not only a great looking mid-section, but one that helps to prevent low-back pain. Runtastic Six Pack provides plenty of options to help you work on strengthening your core.

Step # 6

Allows those close to you to keep you on track with your goals. Tell the people closest to you about your goals so that can help you stay the course if you start to get off track somewhat. Having a strong support system around you is a great way to keep you on track. Also, knowing that people close to you are aware of your goals, you are a lot more likely to stay on track.


Follow these 6 tips and enjoy your journey to your 6-pack!

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