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Featured App Friday: MyCloudtag

MyCloudtag is a series of Wellness and Fitness programs designed by an elite-level international coaching and personal training team to “keep you in the game” for the long haul.


The programming in each workout category has free content already embedded in the app.  When you finish that program, you will have earned enough ‘activity stars’ to open additional programming for free.  If you continue on that pathway, every program you complete with MyCloudtag will be free.

If you prefer to ‘fasttrack’, you can purchase individual programs (at $.99/each) or unlock all of the programs for one low cost of $5.99.

MyCloudtag was designed to give you options so you can create programming support to suit whatever your goal or problem is at any moment in time.


My Cloudtag will continue to add programming throughout the coming years to reach as wide an audience as possible from general wellness people with Health concerns to people who are regular exercisers of even sports performers.

The motivation for MyCloudtag was to create something that will keep users motivated for more than just a couple of weeks.  We’ve all made New Years’ Resolutions and we’ve all broken them!

They created the programs to be diverse. As they explained to us, “We can provide fitness and wellness solutions for everyone, from someone with a chronically bad back to someone who is looking to increase their strength and agility to someone who is training for their first 5k race.”

The team behind this has collectively more than 70 years in fitness, and the reason they chose to work in fitness is to help people move and get healthy.

The idea of truly combining gaming and fitness shows up in the following stats and info:



  • Games increase problem solving and creativity.
  • People who engage in games perform 10-20 percent higher in terms of perceptual and cognitive ability than non game players.
  • Game players score up to 23% higher in tests that require creativity.

Fitness Benefits: (according to Mayo Clinic)

  • Exercise helps control weight
  • Exercise improves mood and boosts energy
  • Regular exercise can improve your sex life

The mission of MyCloudtag is to create an empowered community of users who want to take the next step in their fitness quest.  Users range from someone who is working out in a gym with a personal trainer “talking them through the program” to the person who is already working out regularly and needs additional motivation and new exercises and programs to keep them inspired.  They want as many healthy, active and empowered people on the planet as possible!


After just a few weeks on iTunes, MyCloudtag has over 11k downloads, with 3k downloads on one day this week alone.

This app is ideal for anybody who wants to be active and does not like going to the gym, because it can be done at home in a park wherever they feel comfortable.

It is also ideal for someone who is comfortable going to the gym but would love to venture into a more personalized, individual workout, and for people who are traveling, because there is more than 100 mgs of exercises and workouts, which means you don’t have to have wi-fi to access your workouts.

Additionally, anyone who is looking to create an individualized program or programs for anything from weight loss to sports specific training can fine tune the elements of the app to create their own unique experience.


While many users have lost weight using the app’s programs, another result for some users has been significantly reducing back pain. For example,  one user who had a hard time sleeping through the night prior to going through the Better Back program was able to reduce their pain and finally get a good night’s sleep!

MyCloudtag was designed by some of the world’s best interface developers, who invented the x-box kinect technology, Donkey Kong and Goldeneye.  It is truly game-based — and it rewards you for staying in the groove and on the programs.

This app has been ranked on the top 4 New Health and Fitness Apps for 2014 in a recent design awards.  Additionally, it is the only app that we know of that allows you to decide what you want to share or who you want to bring into your workout space.

The user interface is designed to give you very specific feedback and help with the exercises, or at the other end of the spectrum, allows you to get on with your workout while you access your social media feeds and/or your email.

Again, you choose how it works best for your lifestyle. It has been designed to be truly ‘Unisex’, we believe most other apps are very male and often ‘clinical’ looking.

Every person’s ‘MyCloudtag‘ will be individual to their life, this is unique to MyCloudtag, your goals, your pathway, you set up with your life all within the app.

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