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Featured App Friday: Speed Up: Pace Trainer

Speed Up: Pace Trainer works by constantly measuring the user’s speed via GPS and providing alerts if they slow below their target speed.

speed up

Currently, there are three alerts that can be used. First, music that is being played from the iPhone can be paused, meaning that you need to keep running or the music stops. Second, the iPhone can vibrate. Third, the iPhone can beep, through the headphones or external speaker if no headphones are being used.

The app is easy to use  for running, cycling, walking, rowing, or any activity with a speed type goal. In order to use it you need an iOS device with GPS (iPhone or iTouch with accessory) with at least iOS 7.

speed up

Due to a limitation of iOS, if you want to use the music pause alert the music must be stored on the phone, not streamed through Pandora or another service.

While it is currently only available on the iOS app store( $0.99), in the future, they are hoping to bring it to Google Play.

As the developer of the app shared with us, “I made the app because I love to run, but I had a hard time improving my pace and getting a good workout. I use one of the many fitness tracking programs which usually give updates on time, speed, and distance at 30 second or longer intervals. I found that I would speed up when I got the voice prompt but I would unconsciously slow down between prompts. With Speed Up I know right away if I slow down, so I push myself a lot harder and get a much better workout.”

speed up

5 Steps to start using Speed Up TODAY:

1 – Download app through iTunes ( or and open it.

2 – Choose your units (miles per hour, minutes per mile, kilometers per hour, or minutes per kilometer)

3 – Set your target pace (ex. 10 minutes per mile)

4 – Set your desired alerts (pause music, beep, and/or vibrate). If you’re currently listening to music it will keep playing or you can select tracks and play them through the app.

5 – Start moving!

Speed Up: Pace Trainer is great for beginning and intermediate runners who are comfortable running and have a specific pace goal or just want a better workout. Its also great for advanced runners who are doing interval training but don’t want to buy an expensive GPS watch.

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