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Restaurant Nutrition 2014 Review

Things are changing for the better, but it’s still fairly rare for restaurants to offer calorie information on menus. When you’re on a diet, or simply trying to eat right, this lack information about calories and nutrition can become a real problem.

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It’s nearly impossible to stick to a diet if a substantial fraction of your meals can’t be calculated into your plan. That’s why the Restaurant Nutrition App by Unified Lifestyle is so handy.

If you’re using fitness apps on your smartphone already, you’ll love being able to count calories and track nutrition at the same time. Restaurant Nutrition (FREE on iTunes) keeps track of nutrition information for over 250 different fast-food and sit down restaurant chains, covering over 60,000 separate food items.

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It would be impossible to track nutrition information for every restaurant you might eat in. Menus change daily, even hourly. But established chain restaurants have predictable menus, and it’s much more likely that you’d eat in one regularly than other restaurants with more exotic menus.

If you’re serious about counting calories and tracking nutrition then some sort of diet tracking information for meals eaten away from home is essential.

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The latest version of the Restaurant Nutrition App has more utilities added that can help you make smarter food choices than ever, and integrates well with fitness apps that you might be using. If you’re allergic or sensitive to some food items, the app can warn you of meals to avoid, including a gluten free menu indicator.

The app allows you to rate and review menu items, and even post pictures of your food to your Facebook page if you like. You can use the app to find dining locations using a map feature, if you have meals that you know you want but need to find locally.

More than one user can employ Restaurant Nutrition by using separate profiles, allowing two or more diners to choose food items in the same restaurant depending on their particular needs. You can search for particular desired nutritional values while you’re already in the restaurant to find the best choice for your diet.

You can manually hide locations that you don’t like to save time when searching for places to eat, and mark favorites that will always appear at the top of search results. If you’re subscribed to diet services like Weight Watchers, there’s also a paid version of the app that calculates meal points automatically for you.

If you eat in restaurants at lunchtime at work, or travel often, you’ll find Restaurant Nutrition a handy way to stay on your diet or look after your nutrition.


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