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Featured App Friday: CARROT Fit

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CARROT is a sarcastic computer character that wants you to get things done, and there are three CARROT apps that can help you do this. The first CARROT app was a to-do list app, then they came out with an alarm clock to help users wake up on time, and the most recent addition was created to make you work out, and it’s called CARROT fit!


CARROT fit ($2.99 on iTunes), also known as your judgemental fitness overlord will reward you work working out, or punish you for not working out.

With CARROT fit, you have fitness modules and a weight tracker 2.0 that works by you entering your weight, and getting rewards for losing weight, such as app upgrades! However, if you gain weight, she’ll get mad at you, and you don’t want that.

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We learned the idea behind this app in a recent interview with CARROT, and they explainted, “Gaining weight depresses people who are trying to lose, but with CARROT, she will joke with you about it so it turns it into more of a positive experience instead of ruining  your entire day.”

In addition, CARROT fit also includes a seven minute workout, which renames all of the exercises with funny pop-culture references. During each exercises, she will tell you a mini story that has to do with the exercise. For example, you may be told to do mount dune climbs, which is a lord of the rings reference.

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The app contains 24 different exercises, each with different stories, making it an interesting way to do your seven minute workout.

“I wanted to include motivation to give users a reason to keep coming back. You get points for each task you complete, which adds to rewards. CARROT fit gives you a virtual pet cat that threatens to torture it if you don’t get your workout done.

The CARROT apps now have over 500,000 users, but we caution that you must have a particular sense of humor to benefit from the CARROT apps.

“She has a sarcastic and snarky personality, with jokes centered around threatening to torture you if you don’t complete tasks. You must also have a sense of humor about your body, because this app will call you fat if you gain weight.

This can be motivation for some, but disheartening for others.

In the future, CARROT plans to sync with other apps, such as a MyFitnessPal, RunKeeper, and Withings. This way, you can track your workouts while being motivated to complete them!

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