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Runkeeper is similar to other running apps, but with more features than most. It’s easy to use and starts you off by having you enter in basic information. What makes this running app unique is that you can also choose the option of using RunKeeper for other activities such as cycling, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, and swimming. You have the option of setting goals and adding friends as well.

Another interesting feature is that you can use this app’s training plans to prepare for an upcoming marathon, half marathon, or a variety of running programs. There is also an option to have audio cues that can update you mid run so that you don’t have to stop and look at your phone.

The congratulations e-mail after completing your run helps you feel accomplished, and we also love that your workout can be synced with other fitness apps, which makes tracking your habits even easier! RunKeeper is a unique running app  that can be a useful tracker and motivational tool!









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