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Runkeeper 2014 Review

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RunKeeper is one of our favorite fitness apps available for Android or iPhone that are geared towards running, hiking, and fitness walking. A run tracker like RunKeeper depends on the GPS features built into your smartphone to track your progress along detailed training maps.

RunKeeper’s route tracking and history features let you compare your progress on an apples to apples basis, adjusting your times to distance changes automatically.


This app is more than just a route mapping application. If you’re marathon training, 5K training, 10K training, or just want to keep detailed logs of your fitness training, RunKeeper will calculate your pace in real time, figure your average and top speeds for you, and always have your distance and time info ready for display.

RunKeeper’s GPS mapping lets you view your chosen route while running, even if you’re running in unfamiliar places, or hiking off the beaten path.

You can record your runs in miles or kilometers and make the primary measurement distance or time, which is useful if you’re training for a marathon, for instance, using shorter distances like 5K training or 10K training to build yourself up over time.


If you’re a heavy user of social media, or you belong to a fitness group, RunKeeper makes it easy to track and share your workouts on sites like Facebook and Twitter. It will even post your current route in real time if you so desire.

In addition, RunKeeper’s run tracker and step counter utilities include a history section, so you can review the day’s details and dive into your archive to compare your results to previous attempts, making tracking progress over time easy and fun. Your ability to archive workout histories will only be limited by the capacity of your smartphone’s SD card.

The latest version of RunKeeper can:

  • Track runs, walks, bike rides and measure your progress
  • Chart your weight loss
  • Keep track of your training goals
  • Record indoor cardio workouts to add to your training log
  • Integrate with your music player to allow you to track your run and listen to music
  • Display maps of your routes
  • Deliver spoken word updates with distance, calorie count, pace, and speed updates
  • Sync to bluetooth-enabled devices to track heart rate
  • Deliver run/walk plans for beginner exercise routes
  • Deliver 5K training, 10K training, and Marathon specific training plans form renowned coaches
  • Outline weight loss oriented plans
  • Sync with MyFitnessPal calorie tracking app
  • Sync with FitBit monitoring devices


If you’re using the RunKeeper for more of an orientation device than its fitness apps, you’ll have to be careful of the limitations of all GPS devices so you don’t get lost.

While hiking in the wilderness or marathon training in unfamiliar territory, it pays to remember that GPS devices require a clear view of the sky to work properly, so if you’re under deep forest canopy it can’t help you, and even very thick cloud cover can interfere with its proper functioning.

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