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screen568x568-1I was really excited to download the Hot5 Fitness app. Anyway to not have to leave my house in the winter is two thumbs up for me. With this app you can achieve that, if you want to pay for it- but I’ll get into that.

“Quick workout videos designed by top personal trainers to supercharge your metabolism for an optimal calorie burned” is the self-given description in the app store. The initial app is free. It is easy to download and set up. You can link it with your health app on the iPhone which seemed to make it more official for some reason. Once you set up the app, a little tutorial in the beginning recommends that you do multiple five minute videos to equal a 25-30 minute workout, legit.

Compared to most fitness apps it is very easy to navigate. You have a page for workouts, a page to link with Facebook and find friends to compare “points earned” by your weekly workouts. I love anything that adds a competition 🙂 Once you begin to complete the workouts, there is a page for videos that you have identified as your favorites. Finally, you have chart showing your calories burned during AND after the workout for each day of the week. All in all this seems to be a great, convenient app that could get me motivated on these cold winter days.

The big bummer for me was that there are no free videos in any of the sections (Total Body weight, Abs and Core, Butt and Legs, Cardio and Agility, Muscle and strength, Yoga and Flexibility, and partner workouts). There is a “FREE workouts” section that gives mostly easy level videos not under the same sections. It doesn’t track your food, your sleep, your other exercise, so you’ll probably need another app to do that stuff. Now, maybe I’m a cheapskate and you don’t mind paying for a workout.

The prices are $2.99 per month or $23.00 annually. If this is your only financial obligation to fitness then it may be worth it. In my opinion this would be a supplemental app to give you an extra work out here or there, so to pay for it kinda sucks.


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