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Sleep Cycle 2014 Review

The Sleep Cycle App was created to help people wake up easier and better.

Most of us take sleep for granted in a number of ways. Many people simply don’t give it the credit it deserves. Instead, they spend their days operating on far too few hours, relying on a steady circulation of coffee, soda or other stimulants to keep themselves going.

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Other people simply don’t bother to find out how much sleep they need. It’s different for everyone based on their physiology and the demands they put on their body. But many people assume it’s eight hours for everyone so that’s what they set their alarm clocks for.

This type of casual relationship with such an essential part of our lives is unacceptable, especially for those hoping to improve their health. In order to look and feel better, you must sleep better.

The Problem with Alarm Clocks

One of the main reasons more of us don’t sleep better is because of how we wake ourselves up. If you think about it, alarm clocks are actually a fairly modern invention. We’ve only recently begun relying on a jarring, artificial sound to tell us when it’s time to wake up.

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Nowadays, many people rely on alarm apps on their smartphones to do the trick, but even those leave a lot to be desired. The problem alarm apps and clocks both present is that they wake you up arbitrarily. You simple input a time and that’s when you’ll automatically be taken out of your sleep cycle.

A Better Way

That’s why sleeping apps, and particularly the Sleep Cycle App, have become so popular. Modern life demands that we need to get up at specific times. Few people have the luxury of simply sleeping until their bodies naturally wake up. Although that would probably be ideal, most of us would lose our jobs and constantly miss out on other obligations.

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Sleeping apps respect this, but are designed to wake us up in a much better way. First, there’s no jarring sound meant to make you shoot bolt upright out of bed. Instead, the music is more melodic with a volume that rises slowly.

However, even more amazing is that the Sleep Cycle App is actually designed to recognize when you are most ready to come out of your sleep. All of us sleep in cycles and, unfortunately, a lot of times our alarm clock goes off when we’re in the deepest stage.

This makes waking up difficult and often leaves us groggy throughout the day. But because the Sleep Cycle App sits in contact with your mattress, it can feel when you begin stirring and knows that’s when your body will have the easiest time coming to.

This is how you get through the day without stimulants and begin enjoying better overall health. Pick an alarm clock made to accommodate your natural cycles and you’ll be better for it.

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