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Favorite App Friday: Runtastic

In last 4 years, over 40,000,000 people have downloaded Runtastic and over 18 million of those users have registered on to upload workout sessions and watch progress. We wanted to find out what makes this company so reliable to its users, so we went right to the source and spoke with the company themselves. After speaking with Runtastic, it became clear that they want to be there every step of the way to help users on their journey to better health and fitness.

As they told us, “The overarching goal of Runtastic is to make the world a better place by helping people live healthier lifestyles.” They offer a wide range and variety of apps from fitness/health to “general” lifestyle focused apps, which allows them to connect with all users. That being said, they offer apps for any user, whether they are professional athletes or users that are relatively sedentary, but are looking to get more active.

runtasticRuntastic Pro is their flagship app because was the first one created and it has the most downloads. It is a great starting point to get introduced to the rest of the Runtastic apps because you can try it out with different activities and track a variety of statistics. As they describe, “you can take away from it as much or as little as you want. You can simply use it for fun, or you can take it to the next level and upload activities to to get more detailed analysis and look at your progress.”

Runtastic’s Cycling apps (Runtastic Road Bike and Runtastic Mountain bike) operate on a lot of the same technology as Runtastic but have features that best serve cycling. Because the technology is very similar, it’s easy to pick up any of their apps and start using with no problem. They like to think of themselves as “not just app development company but full health and wellness ecosystem. All of the software, hardware, and online services are compatible with each other and with your lifestyle.”

runtastic Altimeter is perfect for people that are walking or hiking and want to track elevation and elevation change. This could be a cool, easy way to integrate fitness into your lifestyle if you are not super active,  but intrigued to try. It is a handy tool because it can give GPS coordinates and track your entire hike in detail.

Runtastic Pedometer Pro is also an easy way to count your daily steps. Aim for 10,000!

As a team, Runtastic is very interested in seeing how people can successfully integrate technology and fitness to make a healthy lifestyle. Instead of using technology to take away from fitness, they saw that it can be used to improve it, and we agree with their founders who felt that “technology does not have to be the anti-health.”

Runtastic is well know for having high quality apps, which motivates them to keep that reputation. All of their apps are in at least 12 languages, and the original Runtastic app is available in 18! They also let us know that they are always open to their users’ comments and opinions, so don’t underestimate your voice because it can have a big difference in how the apps change! They encourage everyone to voice your opinion through email or by commenting on their runtasticFitness Youtube Channel. Users have the opportunity to direct where Runtastic goes in the future, so take advantage of their openness and of course, of their already awesome apps to improve your healthy lifestyle.



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