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Featured App Friday: Pacer

Pacer is an activity and personal health tracker for your smart phone. The app was designed with the simple goal of helping the average person live a healthier and more active life.


The app has key features including:

-Automatic 24 hour activity tracking

-Body weight tracking

-Blood pressure journal

Pacer’s activity tracking works by using the accelerometers in your smartphone to track your movement 24 hours a day. As long as you are carrying your phone with you, it can accurately calculate how many steps you are taking and how active you are.


It’s a great motivator for staying active on a day-to-day basis, and over time you can learn quite a lot by looking at all the data you’ve collected about yourself and your habits.

Unlike some phone-based activity trackers, Pacer doesn’t use GPS to track you.

And unlike wearable devices like Fitbit and Nike Fuelband, there is no additional hardware and no login required to use the app.

As Pacer described to us, “We pride our app on its simplicity and ease-of-use for anybody.  If you can figure out how to download the app and open it one time, you are basically already able to use it.”


Five Steps To Start Using Pacer Today:

1) Download the app from the App Store or Google Play

2) Open the app. You’re pretty much done! Pacer is now automatically tracking your activity (steps, calories, active time).  It will continue to track for you in the background even after you’ve turned off your screen.

3) Check back on your activity just by opening the app at any time

4) If you want to stop or pause tracking, just tap the pause button on the ‘Activity’ page

5) Visit the settings page at any time to update your height, weight, age and gender to get more accurate calorie burn data

“Everybody has their own reasons for wanting to lead an active life, and we see that in the feedback we get from our fans.  One of the more common goals our users have is to lose weight or maintain weight; however, a lot of our users are trying to be active for other reasons as well. We have lots of users who are serious fitness enthusiasts, Quantified Selfers, and those who are just curious about how active they really are in their daily lives.”


With the most recent update, users can now create private groups, where you can share your daily activity data with other people.

“This feature basically comes from consistent feedback we kept getting that a lot of our users want to use our app to help motivate and support their loved ones.

My wife and I love to check each other’s steps everyday and keep each other active.  It’s also a great way for me to keep up with my parents and help them stay active, even though I currently live far away.”

Pacer currently works on any iPhone and most popular Android models. Download it on the App Store or Google Play!

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