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Fit Trainer

Fit Trainer is an Android app representing an advanced training journal with a possibility to create detailed training programs fitting the user. These options make it an automated analogue of a personal trainer.

While many apps provide you with a training program to follow and let you record your results, they are usually structured similarly: you are given a program with a list of exercises, number of recommended repetitions, and the option to choose the tools you have available.

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Most of these apps are designed for a week, which is why they sometimes lose their efficiency quickly. When this happens, it’s easy to get bored with your workout and hit a plateau.

Fit Trainer is different because it gives you:

1. Possibility to create a detailed training plan for the months to come;

2. Possibility to create such a plan automatically from the existing program templates with the load adjustment fitting the specific user.

Fit Trainer makes it possible to make macro- and micro-cycles, separate workouts, sets in the exercises and rest between them. In Fit Trainer, you plan the workout up to the minute, and then start the workout player that keeps track of time and tells you when to begin another exercise. You can write down your results for further analysis. The app can also create all this from the ready programs.


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5 Steps To Use Fit Trainer

1. Launch the app, open program selection

2. Answer some questions and enter your working weights in the exercises

3. Generate the training plan for a few months

4. Open the first workout of the first week, press Start (the icon similar to the one in the player)

5. Follow the instructions and do the workout. Launch the second workout next time, etc.

Fit Trainer was designed for beginners (with creation of a workout from the template), and advanced exercisers (with automatic or manual workout creation), so download it on your Android device, no matter how experienced you are! It is currently available in both English and Russian.

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